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So, You Want to Start a Podcast.

Starting a podcast is a great way to promote your brand. It may seem easy; just hit the record button and post your podcast for the world to listen to.

However, there are millions of podcasts out there. So what is going to make yours stand out among the rest? You need a top-notch podcast strategy, riveting content, and crystal-clear sound quality to draw in listeners.

Not sure how to make this happen? That’s where we come in.

Custom Content for Your Podcast

Go Rogue is here for all your podcasting needs, from the initial recording to the post-production process. We develop engaging, customized content with your brand and audience in mind so that you can spend less time on podcasting and more time running your business.

From your one monthly recording, we create content that captivates your target audience and raises brand awareness.

Full-length audio podcast episodes include:

The Podcast Production Process

We work to launch your podcast in 60 days. We know what you’re thinking – 60 days?!

It turns out that starting your podcast (if you want it to be a good one) takes a lot more than hitting the record button. There is a lot of ground to cover to ensure your podcast launch is successful. But don’t worry. We do the heavy lifting and guide you through the process.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t sweat it. We do all the work so you can focus on the fun of recording and dreaming about your show.

A successful podcast with us entails the following:

The Startup Junkies Podcast

The Challenge

Grow the Startup Junkies Podcast to increase brand awareness of the Startup Junkies organization.

The Solution

The Results

Watch Time
Daily Organic Total (30 sec)
Daily Organic Impressions
Total Daily Reach

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers. Check out our frequently asked questions.

Most of our content packages are a month-to-month subscription service. You can cancel anytime. Discounts are available for 6-month and 1-year contracts.

The subscription charge is due at the beginning of the month, and Go Rogue X will only work with content sent during that month. If you choose to repurpose old content to make fresh new content, we are happy to create content this way as well. However, if we cannot get a hold of your team on a content plan in lieu of no recordings or if no content is submitted there is no refund for the month.

We do all the heavy lifting – audio editing, social media content, optional scheduling, and optional guesting services. All you have to do is record and submit your content! So, overall, this will take about an hour per week or a couple of hours if you are looking to batch record.

We want you to sound your best! Upon receiving your raw audio files, we do the following:

  • Eliminate mic bleed where possible
  • Soften plosives where possible
  • Background noise reduction
  • Remove accessory mic noise
  • Remove audible breaths where possible
  • Remove mouth clicks and other jarring noises where possible
  • Apply EQ, compression, de-essing, noise suppression, limiting, (etc.) to each dialogue track to make each speaker more intelligible and consistent throughout the episode.
  • Apply side-chain compression to intro/outro music to ensure it doesn’t bury the speakers.
  • Remove all possible gaps in speaking that are over 1 second long to sound more natural for listeners.
  • Remove all possible stutters, uhs, umms, mistakes, etc., to sound more natural for listeners.
  • Add finishing touches to ensure the episode meets industry loudness standards and maintains a consistent, intelligible volume throughout the episode.

Once we have the completed podcast, we will upload the finished audio to your hosting site or deliver the finished product to you!

Yes! We want to support you in all of your podcasting endeavors. Though the majority of our clients focus on a B2B podcast, we do often discuss great tips and tricks for all podcasters of all levels. Follow us on our social channels, check out our blog, or listen to some of our past episodes of the Rogue Creators Podcast for some great resources. Also, rumor on the block is that we may produce a free course for podcasters. So keep checking back for some more awesome resources coming soon.

We use the video podcast (long-form content) to create engaging pieces for your social channels (short-form content). This can include the following:

  • Quote graphics
  • Captioned clips
  • Reels & Tiktoks
  • Stories
  • Animated Graphics
  • Carousels
  • And more!

Go Rogue X offers our clients social media management, including scheduling your content at optimal times, tagging your guests, and including relevant hashtags.

Keeping up with calendars, emails, and bookings for podcasts can quickly turn into a full time job. Let us help you! Provide us a list of names and emails of potential guests and we will reach out on your behalf and make sure we get them booked and podcast ready! We use a booking system through Calendly to make it easy for guests to book or even rebook with little hassle. We also contact your guests when the show is live with content they might want to share!

Overall, we save you time so you can enjoy recording and hanging out with your guests.

Yes! Upon purchasing one of our content packages, we consult with you to capture the best video and audio at an optimal price. We offer several recommendations and consult on the actual setup of the equipment. If you’re interested in a custom studio build-out, please schedule a call for a custom quote for our creative director and audio engineer to help build your dream studio.

Yes! Please contact us if you are interested in booking a studio recording session locally in Bentonville, AR. We would be happy to provide you with a calendar of openings and pricing based on your video and audio requirements.

Yes, we do! Check out the Rogue Creators podcast, where we cover video marketing, social media trends, and much more!

A business podcast allows you to reach your audience where they already are (the podcast medium is quickly becoming the go-to for business decision-makers, potential clients, and consumers, not just people looking for pure entertainment) and establishes you as the face of your industry. This builds rapport and trust with your target listener.

There’s a lot that goes into podcast recording, editing and producing. It can be time-consuming and lead to burnout (also known as pod fade). We do all the technical stuff so that you can focus on recording and the other important things for your business.

Our podcast production company is made up of podcast professionals, editors, directors, and client account managers with over 16 years of combined passion & experience! However, we’re still a young company that stays up to date on the latest trends.

Absolutely! All of our clients use their podcasts to get in front of potential clients who might be listening or to interview potential clients on their shows. For example, one of our clients closed a $1.5 million contract after having a potential client on their show. We’re not mathematicians, but that looks like a pretty good deal!

Ready to Begin Recording Your Podcast?

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