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Establish Credibility & Authority Through Video Marketing

Use Your Industry Knowledge To Boost Your Content Marketing.

Ever had a thought or idea that’s worthy of a Ted Talk? You might be a thought leader.

If you consider yourself (or the CEO of your company) a true expert or thought leader in your industry, creating video content to share your extreme wealth of knowledge and expertise could help you better reach your target audience. 

What Exactly Is a Thought Leader?

Thought leaders are considered industry experts. They could be CEOs, consultants, authors, coaches, or business leaders. These experts have the knowledge and experience to offer a valuable perspective within their particular niche. They also offer unique, innovative ideas that inspire people to think outside the box.

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Use Thought Leadership Videos
to Build Brand Awareness

In today’s world, where an overwhelming amount of information is available at our fingertips, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and get noticed. That’s why thought leadership is so important – it allows you to differentiate yourself and establish yourself as a trusted source of information and guidance.

When you create videos and share them, you can become a recognized thought leader, allowing you to build brand authority and increase brand awareness.

However, we know that consistently creating relevant content for a thought leadership campaign is no small task.

Go Rogue X offers thought leadership videos to help you share your great ideas with the rest of the world. Our thought leadership video packages vary but may include a monthly: 

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The Thought Leadership Video Process

As an executive or someone in a thought leadership position, we understand that your time is valuable. Our thought leadership strategy and video process will only take up what is necessary – one hour or less per month, depending on your chosen package.

First, we provide a survey for your thought leader to fill out, so we can learn more about their passions, interests, and inspirations.

Once we receive this survey, we begin researching and putting together a set of questions.

When we have a finalized set of questions, we will schedule a virtual recording and send over the questions for you to review ahead of time.

During the recording, one of our team members will ask you the questions, making the video interview style.

Then, we’ll take the recording to create your full content package. 

Become a Trusted Figure in Your Industry With Thought Leadership Video Content.

At Go Rogue X, our team of video experts is here to bring your thought leadership content to life. Schedule a strategy call with us to learn how we can get your ideas in front of your target customers!

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