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Use Promo Videos to Connect With Your Customers on a Personal Level.

Video is becoming a more and more important aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

This is probably because the world keeps getting louder, making it more difficult to get and keep the attention of your target audience. You must find an engaging and relatable way to connect with your ideal customer, share your brand story, and introduce them to your solution for their problem.

The best way to do this is through promotional videos. So when it comes to your marketing campaign, you cannot afford to ignore video.

However, we understand how overwhelming it can be to attempt video marketing while running a business. It doesn’t have to be so hard.

Creating Promo Videos for Your Business Doesn't Have to Be So Hard.

When it comes to promotional video content, there are seven main categories that you need to think about:

Service or Product Videos

A promo video that breaks down what you sell and highlights the amazing features and benefits. Product videos include:

  • 15 Second to 30 Second Video Reel (1080HD, .MP4 – 16×9 and 9×16 (or 4×5) format | 1 video, formatted 3 different ways)
  • Product featured in a stylized shoot 
  • Multiple angles
  • 1 set per video
  • Animations & Text
  • Hand Model included (if requested)

Top-Asked Questions

Educate your audience and build brand authority by answering the top questions you receive every day. 

Brand Promo Videos

These promotional videos explain why your company exists, tell the prospect who you are, and highlight what makes your brand unique.

Webinar and Conference Videos

These include explainer videos as well as footage from a conference or completed webinar that you, your CEO, or your employees have spoken at. Our team can edit this footage, preserving the event to be used for training or promotional purposes.

Case Studies & Testimonial Videos

Put your proven track record at your prospect’s fingertips. Case Studies & Testimonial videos let your potential clients hear why they should choose your product and, ultimately, your business from someone they can trust – a former/current customer.

Event Recap Videos

Let us make a promo video highlighting the best moments of your most recent event. 

Campaign Videos

If you’re getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign, let us help you create engaging videos for your landing page and video ads. 

Promo Video Creation Process

While every video is a bit different, almost all of our projects go through the following 4-week process:

First, we start with a kickoff meeting, where we discuss the concept and come up with a creative brief full of our ideas for the project.

When you’ve approved the creative brief, and we’ve received the product (or whatever else is required for the shoot), we will schedule a shoot day.

Once the shoot is scheduled, we will create a detailed timeline of when to expect your first draft.

After the shoot, we’ll begin post-production work on the first draft.

When the first draft is complete, we’ll ask you to review it and give detailed feedback.

We then take this feedback and create the final draft. After the final draft is delivered and approved, we close out the project.

But Do I Really Need Video Content?

Video is most consumers’ favorite form of branded content.

85% of marketers say short-form video is the most effective social media format.

88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Ready to Launch Your Promo Video?

Let our team take over to make your promotional video content out of this world! Schedule a strategy call to get started.

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