Why Your CEO Should Be Involved in Your Content Marketing


In this episode of Rogue Creators, Bryan and Loren talk about getting executives involved in your brand’s content marketing strategy. They discuss how involving your CEO can benefit your brand, how to get your CEO involved, human connection, listening to your audience, and much more! Thank you for listening to this episode!


(3:15) What are you obsessed with?

(9:31) Why your CEO should participate in your content

(12:43) How to involve your CEO in your marketing strategy

(17:41) How human connection leads to buy-in

(22:14) Listening to your audience

(29:22) Raid fire

“One of the core reasons to have your CEO involved is to cast vision behind the brand’s purpose. And I think it’s really interesting because I think a lot of people don’t understand, this is the reason that this company exists, or this is the reason that it’s still going.” (16:12)

Why Your CEO Should Be Involved in your Content Marketing?

Is your CEO an active participant in your content marketing? You might not realize it, but having your CEO involved with your digital marketing strategy is valuable. While executives micromanaging several departments is not ideal, having a leader that is bought in and understands the importance of content is certainly beneficial. Don’t understand how this can help you and how to accomplish this? Check out these tips:

How It Helps

There are several reasons why it is helpful for executives to be involved in their business’s content marketing. First of all, it adds an element of human connection to the brand. When executives appear in content, it puts a face with your brand, and it provides the connection that often turns one-time customers into repeat customers. It also allows executives to tell their story and talk about the passion behind the brand. Consumers desire this peek behind the curtain, and it helps you stand out from the competition!

It is also beneficial when your executives are bought in with your content marketing strategy. They are more likely to buy-in when involved, as there will be less mystery surrounding your brand’s strategy. It’s no secret that most executives’ primary focus is the bottom line. They need to know how content marketing is affecting ROI, and the most effective way to report these numbers is by having them involved in the first place. When they buy-in, you receive more support in your endeavors.

Executives involved with content are also more likely to listen to their audience and understand what they want. It has never been more critical to be in touch with your audience than it is today, and interacting with them through social media is one of the most direct ways to come by this information. CEOs that understand this can guide the company in the direction that is most beneficial to them, as well as their consumers.

How to Get Your Executive Involved

Now that you understand the importance of executive involvement, how do you get them involved?

The most crucial step here is to ensure that expectations are communicated. Will the executive be hands-on? If so, what skills do they possess that can be helpful with content marketing strategies? What direction do they want to go in? On the other hand, your executive might take a hands-off approach and would prefer to observe rather than create content themselves. Neither of these methods is superior to the other, and the crucial part of this step is casting a vision for the marketing strategy.

If your CEO wants to be heavily involved, play to their strengths. If they are confident speakers, make an interview-style video sharing their story and passion behind the business. Maybe they prefer writing, have them write a monthly blog. It isn’t a setback if your executive is not interested in creating. Try repurposed content, such as a quote graphic from a speech they gave. Some executives have success using ghost-writers to pen their thoughts elegantly. At the end of the day, your brand is sure to reap the benefits of the executive’s involvement.


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