Why You Should Integrate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

Show Notes

[00:01:40] What are you obsessed with?

[00:04:20] How do I integrate video into my marketing strategy?

[00:08:05] Using Live Video

[00:11:45] Video Messaging

[00:13:35] Using Stories

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“Leave your expectation that ‘we have to be this buttoned up company’… your clients, your people who follow you on social media don’t want to see that. They’re tired of overproduction, because it feels like a lie.” [00:06:30]


Are you using video as a marketing strategy for your organization? If your answer is no, it’s time for that to change. A recent study by HubSpot Research shows that more than 50% of consumers want to see more video content from their favorite brands. At this point, almost every brand is already using some form of video to interact with their audience, and that will only continue to rise in popularity. Don’t get left behind – here is what you should know about incorporating video into your business’s marketing strategy. 

Live Video

Live video is a great way to interact with your audience, as well as repurpose content for a later time. Using Live features is sitting on amazing free resources. Use them! Everyone is familiar with such technology at this point, so turn out should not be an issue. And if it is, playback offers a great way for viewers to connect after the fact. 

Video Messaging

It’s no secret that personal invitation is one of the most effective ways to create loyal, engaged followers. Using features such as Instagram Direct Messages to reach out to followers, old and new, can help your audience put a face with your brand. It feels less like a business when a patron can speak directly to whoever is representing your brand on social platforms. DMs are also valuable for creating engagement. Instagram’s algorithms are told that interaction is occurring and whoever a person is interacting with should be content they see on their timeline. An extra boost in visibility is so important, especially with those you are regularly interacting with. 


Instagram stories have changed the game when it comes to authentic interactions. Stories are the most consumed pieces of content. It seems that everyone loves the behind the scenes, personal experiences a business is having each day. Taking your audience along for the ride when you have an important day or even just a boring day can make your audience feel like they have privileged information, like they are the only ones with access to what exactly you’re sharing. Because it is so widely consumed, it is important to be sure you thank your audience for joining you and give a call to action at the end of any of your stories. 


How engaging is your website? Using video can easily capture the focus of those visiting your website. It allows each visitor to feel like their visit is personalized to their needs. Whether you need a conversation starter or connection builder, video on your website can be a great option. When using it practically, keep in mind that using personalized video is always better than stock video. Footage from your own events and experiences fosters connection between you and prospective clients. 

Working the use of videos into your marketing strategy is invaluable, especially at the rate at which people are consuming such media. Don’t stand out with this one – hop on the train and utilize the most widely recognised and requested form of content for your business. Even if you only just get the ball rolling, you will be working in a direction that will help your business grow in the long run.


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