What You Need to Know – July Edition

[00:01:30] What are you obsessed with this week?

[00:06:00] Marco Polo

[00:08:35] VSEO

[00:12:15] Facebook Shops

[00:14:10] Interactive Content

[00:17:35] Apple Store

[00:20:30] Facebook Business Tips

[00:22:40] Rapid Fire

Technology, social media, and marketing approaches change every day. It can be hard to keep up, but we have streamlined the headlines for you. This is what you need to know about the digital marketing world in July 2020.

Marco Polo

Many teams have incorporated Marco Polo into their daily personal and work lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In reaction to this massive wave of new users, the Marco Polo team has created a paid and premium version. They have enhanced the user interface, as well as restricted previously free features.

VSEO [Voice SEO]

Alexa and Siri taking over the world, not just our daily lives. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but things are changing drastically because of our AI friends. Due to the fact that people are using technology such as Amazon’s Alexa so much in their daily lives, voice search engine optimization continues to grow exponentially. With the ability to ask Alexa what the temperature is or what the headline news is, traditional information searches are down. The best way for you to keep skin in the game is by optimizing your content in question and answer format, whether that be a scholarly article or YouTube video.

Facebook Shops

With Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram, they have also acquired the technology Instagram uses to host IG Shops. In a similar way you can shop Marketplace on Facebook, you can now show business’s sites for products and buy directly from Facebook. This will increase revenue for Facebook and businesses, as well as offer ease of purchase for consumers on the platform.

Interactive Content

If you aren’t already using interactive content across your platforms, now is the time to jump on that train. Ways for you to use polls, quizzes, diverse photography skills, and many more pieces grow day to day. Consumers are leaning towards any piece of content that utilizes these fun pieces. It is also a great way to measure who is truly interacting with your content and what they care enough about to read and interact with.

Apple App Store

The Apple App Store has found themselves in hot water. A new lawsuit was filed due to claims that the App Store is placing their apps above other, better rated apps. For example, if you were to search ‘Maps’ in the app store, Apple’s flagship app would appear first, even though Google Maps is rated higher by a landslide. This case has caused much controversy and will determine the bias that is appropriate within technology going into the future.

Facebook Business Tips

Facebook is now offering fun snippets of tips on their business pages, as well as when a page goes like. One offered was, “Three minute or longer clips will give you a more organic reach with your audience.” These clips give insight into the crazy Facebook Algorithms that already exist and will help businesses better reach their audience on their Facebook platform.