To Tik Tok or Not To Tik Tok

In this episode of Rogue Creators, Bryan Fittin and Loren Lewis discuss a commonly-asked question – To TikTok or Not to TikTok? As the social media platform continues to grow beyond 80 million active users, it stands to provide a serious opportunity to help brands expand their audience. Are you nervous about joining another social media platform? Have no fear; Bryan and Loren share their top 10 tips to ensure your time on TikTok is a success!


(1:22) What are you obsessed with?

(4:58) What is TikTok?

(8:00) Beyond Gen-Z

(10:03) The 10 Rules of TikTok

(25:52) Rapid Fire



I think something to remember is that a lot of times generations will shift platforms. So, they’ll move off of one platform and onto the other. You can’t just continue to say, ‘I’ll just always stay on this one platform for my audience.’ No, they might’ve shifted.” (9:14)

You’re starting to see more creators, who are a little bit older, who are creating amazing videos [on TikTok] and being able to express themselves and even be able to showcase products and different things like that.” (9:44)

Not every trend is going to be in line with your business…But I would say, don’t take yourself too seriously in this space because it’s designed for entertainment. If you take advantage of entertaining as well as educating and/or putting someone into your pipeline and driving them back to your website or another platform to engage with you, take advantage of that, but be a little more loose with it.” (11:47)

Just like we’ve talked about on Instagram or any other platform, you have to be able to say, ‘This is my brand. This is what to expect when you show up on my channel.’” (13:04)

[TikTok] is such short-form content. It is so highly digestible that you need to post often or your audience will get bored and move on to somebody else.” (19:15)

To TikTok or not to TikTok

This seems to be a question many have grappled with over the last year. What used to be a platform dedicated to Gen Z’ers trying their hand at popular dances and short-form video editing has taken the world by storm, and now businesses must decide if they want to join the trend. Has your company joined TikTok?

We know that joining a new platform comes with its own set of challenges, but we believe it’s worth it. Check out these ten tips to ensure that you get the most out of TikTok for your brand!

  1. Learn the Trends: Similar to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you need to know what the current trends are for TikTok. These trends are the best way to gain organic traction and expand your audience.
  2. Choose a Niche: Of our top 10 tips, this might be the most important. You must know who your audience is so that you can cater your videos to them. While narrowing down your target audience might seem counterintuitive to gaining a wider audience, it will help create devoted followers that share your content with their friends.
  3. Practice: Much like anything else you do in life, TikTok takes practice. Record a few practice videos before posting your first TikTok and watch them to see what you can do better. It might take a little time to develop the voice you are looking for, but do not fear – this is normal! Remember, practice makes perfect!
  4. Be a TikTok User: This might seem obvious, but we’ve found that many forget this step. While posting content is essential, don’t forget to check out other accounts’ videos! This will help you stay on top of the latest trends when you are planning out your videos.
  5. Be a Storyteller: Here at Go Rogue X, we are huge fans of storytelling. We believe that all of your content tells a story about your brand, and TikTok is no exception. Stay true to your brand and catch viewers’ attention with storytelling in your videos!
  6. Post Often: Because TikTok focuses on short-form content that is highly digestible, you must be posting new content often. If you fail to do so, you’ll find that your audience will get bored and leave you for other accounts.
  7. Jump Into Trends ASAP: As you are tracking trends, you must jump in early. Being late to the party will communicate to your followers that you are out of date and behind the times.
  8. Don’t Give Up: Like other social media platforms, it takes time to gain traction on TikTok. Some brands go viral on their fifth video, while others don’t gain traction until their 50th. It’s essential to be patient and continue to post content, even if it isn’t getting the engagement you were hoping for.
  9. Be Authentic: While jumping on trends is critical to success on TikTok, you must remain aware of what your brand is. Are you a buttoned-up, formal workspace? Post content that matches your culture. Are you a relaxed startup with a laid-back culture? Consider posting funny content with a casual feel!
  10. Have Fun!: In the end, TikTok is a fun platform, and you should enjoy your time using it. If you are bummed out and dragging while you create your TikTok content, your audience will be able to tell. The best social media content always comes from someone who is enjoying themself!

It might be intimidating to add another social media platform to your company’s marketing strategy, but these tips can help you achieve your goals!


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