Tips on Connecting with Your Digital Audience

For a growing brand, or even an established brand, having a digital footprint is an important extension of your brand’s identity because it provides you with a place to showcase your brand’s personality. Plus, if you provide a memorable experience for your customers, you can increase brand loyalty. A lot of times customers visit your social space because they are looking for a connection and entertainment, so it is important to tailor your marketing tactics to be fun and personal. So, what are some strategies that will help foster meaningful connections with your online audience?

  1. Don’t make it all business. If you are having fun with your brand, your audience will know, and in a world where the internet can be so negative, it is influential and meaningful when you spread some positivity! This doesn’t mean that you should not share what is happening with your business or your products and services, it just means that you should try to share a diversity of content with your audience. If you don’t try to have fun with your customers they will most likely lose interest and your brand will seem less personable. 
  2. Keep it original. In a digital span, we have to remember to be authentic and take a humanized approach because people want to get to know your brand as if it were a person. The allure of online interactions is that it allows you to create a unique experience for your customer and it invites them into your brand’s “mind,” which results in them feeling connected with it. However, one thing that is vital for building your customers trust is to keep your brand image consistent because if you start being successful and you stray too far from your original personality, you will lose the audience that originally followed you. So you have to decide who you want your brand to be, how you want it represented, and then you have to stick to it! 
  3. Use video. In today’s society, we are more rushed than ever and we have become a culture that doesn’t like to read. Therefore, we don’t always want to take the time to scan an email or look at the instructions. We are always looking for ways to make things more simple, and one way to do this is to utilize video more. Simplifying things makes a lot less work for you and your audience because when people can have something explained to them it is more accurate and harder to lose things in translation. The more straightforward something is the better. Some examples of people using video is when they include a button in their email that says “click here if you want to listen to this email” or when an Airbnb owner provides a video explaining the check in and out process and where everything is located. 
  4. Ask for your audience’s opinion and implement their feedback. The worst thing you can do as a brand is trying to please everybody because you will be spending your valuable time trying to do something impossible. That being said, it is still vital that you listen to your customers complaints, opinions, feedback, etc. because it shows that you care enough to want to make things better. Negative reviews are going to happen, but not acknowledging them is not always good because then it can appear that you do not take your customers comments seriously. If you don’t take them seriously, why would they take you seriously? A big part of this is making sure you are asking your audience the right questions, but it is also just as important to respond to your responders!

Overall, putting your brand out there and joining the conversation is vital for growth because people do care what you have to say, you just have to be sure you are saying it the right way. Providing valuable content on an emotional level that will solve their problems and keep them entertained or interested will ensure that you are truly connecting with your digital audience and will keep them coming back for more.  


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