How to Use Patreon to Monetize your Podcast with Daniel Quin

As a creator, it is important to know where your heart lies. Musician Peter Hollens states, “We are in this business, in my opinion, to reach out and make somebody’s day better.” One of the best ways to do so, is to make something out of what you love most.

Most podcast creators have a deep passion for the subject they spend hours discussing on their show. The question many hosts end up asking is this: how do you move from a passion project to a thriving community? “You’re not just going to suddenly have this nationwide show overnight, unless you’re Dax Shepard or Conan. It’s a good show, it really is. But if you don’t have that name recognition, you can sit in your garage and talk about whatever you’re building, but people don’t care.” Inducting listeners into your podcasting community can be as simple as interviewing individuals that have a voice that reaches more than your initial audience. This shows people outside your target that you have something interesting to say.

A resource many podcasters now use is Patreon; a simple tool that helps creators get paid for the work they release into the world. Patreon allows you to create incentives that motivate people to support your podcast. “Successful creators on Patreon all have one thing in common. Ready for it? Successful creators understand their audience. Who finds value in what you create? What will motivate them to give you money for your work? What can you do to keep them engaged?” This often looks like appealing to your audience using unreleased recordings or a free resource. People that find value in what you create will go the extra mile to support your efforts.

Overall, it takes many factors to record a successful podcast. The podcasts that people want to listen to are those that engage their listeners, offer opportunities to interact with the creator, and build authentic community. Every creator has the tools they need to become a successful podcaster.

Show Notes

[00:01:54] David’s Background

[00:06:58] What are you obsessed with this week?

 Loren: Si-Fi 

 Daniel: Picard Show

 Bryan: Kegerator

[00:13:27] What keeps you going?

[00:15:19] When do you decide to try Patreon? 

[00:17:02] How does Patreon work?

[00:20:32] Do’s and Don’ts of Patreon

[00:26:23] What is Voice Press?

[00:29:22] Recording Live Shows

[00:31:07] Interacting with fans

[00:34:22] Advice for finding your niche in the podcast world

[00:43:10] Why would you start a Patreon?

[00:51:46] Rapid Fire Questions

Quotes from the Podcast:

“…this [podcasting] was just a cheap excuse to get into people’s shops and talk to people and learn. And I knew that would keep me going no matter what. That I would always want to do that.” [00:14:39]

“Even if there’s only fifty people or a hundred people listening to the show or whatever the number might be like, that’s still that many people that picked you to listen to out of every possible option. Now you matter to them.” [00:32:04]


50 people or a hundred people listening to the show or whatever the number might be like, that’s still that many people that picked you to listen to out of every possible option. Now you to them.

Horrible luck. Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome back to the go rogue podcast. My name is Brian. Fit in this podcast is dedicated to marketers, small business owners who are trying to figure out what works and doing marketing differently, right? Giving value, serving first, making sure to do that before asking for a sale.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to this podcast. Hit it right now. Right. If you’re watching on YouTube, make sure you subscribe, hit that bill notification so that way you can know exactly when we post another video, uh, today, and I’m saying this because you want to subscribe from here on out.

Cause the, the, this whole podcast game is changing now that we have Daniel Quinn on our show today. What’s up Daniel? Hi, how are you? Well, I don’t know what to say. Hi, how are you? I have my own show. I know how that flow goes. You see, I don’t know how your show you’re on the other side of this. Yeah, this is good.

I’m like, do I talk now? I don’t know, but I’m the key. I subscribed your show so I, I know the Genoa. And, and now it’s gonna. Like I said, it’s only gonna even get it even better because you’re on the show today. Oh. If you guys heard that as Lauren Lewis too, I can never forget she’s here. The actual talent and the is here, and we’re not even acknowledging her without her headphones.

We have nothing. Oh, thank you. We probably just peaked like crazy there, but, uh, Daniel brought up the awesome headphones. Lauren. I am recommending the day you are your staff way better than my staff. That’s all I have to say. She’s like, I got these gold plated heads. We have tin cans with wax string. We just talk to each other across rooms and somehow it gets into the digital unit.

Um, no, I’m very excited today to actually, we’re going to dive it. Cause you talked about, you mentioned a little bit, so tell us the name of your show. So I’m one of the hosts of liquid. I did a conversations with creators, and so we put out a biweekly show every other week. Um, we interview a different creative kind of person.

And so we’ve had some really cool guests. We’ve been fortunate that Northwest Arkansas is kind of a throughway for a lot of people, or a lot of people are like based out of here. So we’ve had fortune fire winners. We’ve had Marvel comic book artists. We’ve had the, uh. Music director for Demi Lovato and Gwen Steffani, just really cool stuff of Apple rust.

Um, so we’ve been really fortunate to do that, and it’s really cool to like. Dig into people’s creative process, kind of like see where things are the same and different. But yeah. Yeah. We’ve been doing it for about a year and a half. Love it. Love it. And then you guys, I mean, just even just the stuff that you’re putting out, I mean, the community that’s kind of rallied behind you guys as well.

I mean, it’s been phenomenal to see that growth. And then obviously we’re on the voice press network. Yeah. Your handle as well. Tell us about the voice press network. Um. So when we started the show, I could not find another podcast based out of the area. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t find one. They were all, well, there were some, there were sports and they were churches.

That was it. That was all you could find. And, um. So we started doing it for a little while. And then as you’re doing it, you start hearing about other people doing stuff. And you and I had similar ideas at a similar time around like producing podcasts for other people. And so as I saw this pop up, um, but one of the things that we wanted to do was create an arm that was kind of a, a network that would bring these podcasts together and really rally for each other and, um, build that community.

So that started about a year ago probably. Yeah, and that was just reaching out to shows that I thought were well-produced. They were producing consistent content and basically just kind of pitching the idea of like, Hey, there’s, there’s not a monetary gain here, but what we’re going to do is kind of a.

Talk about each other at least a little bit, you know, and kind of point people in this direction to kind of grow that community and get some listeners because there’s going to be some cross pollination then anything can do to build that is going to be really beneficial. So, yeah, absolutely. And that’s, I mean, back, I started a podcast back in 2014 2013 and it was actually called the go road podcast, and we interviewed entrepreneurs in the area.

Similar to what you guys are doing with creatives, and it just kind of started naturally, just organically grows. This show’s been going since 2014. Oh, wow. You launched it this year. We went, uh, three, almost three years. Um, but it was one of those things was like an episode of month. We just really, it was more of a passion project that we had.

Um, and then obviously the life took over and kids and all the things for us. And so both, it was me, myself, uh, me and my son. It was me and myself and I, me, myself, and I reread it. People I was playing on the podcast now, Eric, and really want to cease running around the interviewing yourself. Ugh, that’s a great idea.

Actually. Now that I’ve said it. It needs to have whoever can do it first for this one. So, uh, but now Eric Hanson, uh, CEO of explain a fi founder of explaining fi, so he just wanted to get better at interviewing people. And so he was like, Hey, let’s do this. So we did, I wanted to learn, I’d meet more people in the area.

And so anyway, it was really cool, but it kind of goes back to what you were building with obviously the voice press and what you guys are doing. And so, um, anyway. We’re going to, we’re going to jump into all of that cause I’m very excited about that. So if you’re listening right now and you want to start a podcast, you’re thinking about it and you’re also like, Hey, I want to make even just a little bit of money.

Right. Just to kind of cover it. Cause there’s, there’s costs involved. Yes. Then go get a job. exactly. But there are ways that people can support you and actually help. Yeah. With that process and that community that you can build. And so that’s all we had Daniel on because he’s just built this awesome community, community of people.

Um, but then also, you know, you’re able to kind of fund some of your, your projects, uh, with liquid I did, which is great. And it’s going to go full time. We can see that in the future. Right. That is definitely the plan. We have some ambitious Plains this year, so literally we hit all of our metrics last year and, uh, and this year, if we can do even half of

My, my goal. Yeah. That’s incredible. And that’s kind of the point of this, right. To be able to do something you love and get paid for it. So that’s fantastic. So, uh, but before we jump into all that, I feel like we’ve . We’ve already covered so much stuff. We’re done. All right, we’ll take take five here. My posture’s terrible for like 12 hours, so I’m like slashing in the like.

We are going to cover that to just kind of let my mom know that I sit better than this. Normally, if you’re watching on YouTube, make sure that your show before my very upset, Oh yeah, me and your mom, she’s like, Hey man, your move to show the Robbie. I’m like, thanks. I want to be her Daniel Lau. I’m getting around to it, so here’s a weird laugh.

The popcorn. Laugh and laugh. Yeah. Yeah. Um, okay. So before we get into all of that, we do like to start with some fun, even though we’ve been having some fun, uh, with a, what are you obsessed with this week? So Lauren. Kick it off. I guess you’re going to ask that question. I was going to ask the question until you use it.

Warren, what are you obsessed with this week? I’m going to turn it around. All right. I can do that. Um, okay. So I do really like scifi and I had been looking for a, what is that face? You’re going to have my pick. I doubt it. I have a second. Okay. And so I’ve been looking for a TV show that would kind of fill that void that I’ve been wanting.

And so I’m trying out a new show. . If my husband was here, he would tell you, that’s really hard for me to do. I do not like trying new things when it comes to television, just because I feel like it’s such an investment of time and I’m like, if it’s not good, I just don’t want to do it. So anyways, I’ve been trying the expanse.

Okay. It wasn’t my pick. Okay. That’s good. That’s good. And I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised. I feel like the first scene is a little rough, but I can see the, the good bones in it and everything. I’m like, I think this is going in an interesting direction. So I’m actually really sorry. I’m almost done with the first season and I’ve actually been pretty impressed.

So it’s an Amazon original, so it’s on Friday, huh? Do you know the story of this? Oh, it wasn’t an Amazon original. You got canceled and apparently Jeff Bezos, his kid liked it so much that Jeff Bezos bought it and kept going. Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah, of course. That’s even better than beats headphones. That’s amazing.

That’s wild. Okay, so now I get Daniel. What are you obsessed with? My gosh. It’s like, do I have to ask you now? We’re going to go around and go around in a circle. We’re all hosts here. Oh, so mine is also PSI Phi. Okay. I’m a nerd. And, uh, the new Picard show. I need to watch that. What is the card I struggling so bad with paying money for one thing from CPS, but it’s, they brought John Picard from next generation back.

That’s right. Like 90 now, but somehow spry and it’s amazing. Amazing. It’s incredible. It’s so good. And it’s a. It, it kind of fixes all the problems he might’ve ever had with star Trek. Like the action’s a little bit better. And, um, the story is still kind of a poignant. Topical thing. Yeah. Yeah. While not being hokey.

Okay. It’s really good. It’s been on my list cause we have CBS all access and I’m like, I’m writing you. Just give me your login. Sorry. I split with three other or two other guys. Like is this worth it? Oh, I think you meant the costs. Like the $6 I split three ways. We did I legit dad? Yes. Can you do a podcast for our listeners who can’t afford to pay that all myself?

$6 a month. That’s crazy. Oh my gosh. Well, okay. My obsession this week is way less. It is nice. I haven’t been talking about the Witchery and what we went through the Witcher, so that was some of ours, you know. I understand what science I was just trying to get into like this. Had a dragon in it called Firefly is a big difference.

You know what? I can leave you guys just want to talk about TV shows or sorry. My mind has been, I’ve got a kangaroo Raider. Oh, nice. So it’s completely opposite of all the things. So I’m learning all of this, how it takes, cause I’ve never worked in a bar I’d ever had even an understanding of, of that whole process.

So, um, got it. Just in time this week, the super bowl. Right. So we’re a, we had a place for the house we bought, actually had a place for it and had one in it. When we looked at the house I was like, Oh this is cool. Yeah, we’ll buy the house cause it’s got a kegerator. Well that was a big selling point for me.

And so then we come back to the house and the thing’s gone and they like boarded up the whole air. He’s like a little nice bar area and they boarded it all up and like, Oh what the heck? You said it was included in there. Like, well. Yeah. But she didn’t put that in the contract like it said, it conveyed and then come to find out.

Anyway, this is a whole long, anyway, I got another kegerator. So now I’m learning all these processes and I’m not, I’m not a beer connoisseur. I like beer, but it’s like just learning all the different types of the different brute and like all this stuff that goes with it. It’s like I know enough to. Be dangerous and then sound like an idiot also.

So hello. People will say, I’m not a kind of sewer, but I have nine different versions, and this is my favorite one. It’s like all the flavors know. Really. The show just did an interview with Evan McDonald from Apple blossom. Oh really? Oh yeah. Look what I did. I did an episode. Yeah, you should totally check it out.

Wow. There’s a lot about brewing in that one zingers. Hey. Hey guy. I didn’t know. Subscribe and you’ll know episodes come out. I did not. I did not listen to that episode. Did you know that? I, you don’t want me to tell you this. If I had to bet, I wouldn’t want them to smell. That’s hilarious. Um, yeah, so that’s my, uh, that’s my obsession and learning all those things and learning what size kegs work.

And so I can still have some room in the, in the fridge and you have to like figure out here and stuff. Probably like 112 pounds of pressure. Maybe I should listen to the, uh. From CO2 tank, like I’m learning that like fair. We did not cover this subject. They don’t do it from a kegerator at Apple because they have to learn something about brewing your own.

I don’t really care about that. I’m like, Oh, what? I really don’t. I have zero interest in hobby. Like three months ago, I literally offered my woodshop to you. Yeah, I have. Yeah. There were several people were like, you’re an idiot. Like you have too much going on to have a hobby, but woodworking, I’m so excited, and actually I’m watching Erin’s video here, and by the way, we have, we’ve not even talked about poor Heron.

Yeah. He’s your cohost. Right. And he had a video of him in the woodshop where he was just like. What, what is it? The making shavings? It’s the hand plane, hand playing and getting the woodshop. We’ll run you through some vocabulary. We need you to go to the woodshop. Yeah. What I need, you know, I could also be skiing, but so he did that and they like hit the lamp or something.

That was like one of my favorite videos. I was like, this is awesome. But I love that. That’s actually, so talking about community, you guys are in the community of makers, right? And so you go through this, so you know exactly what people are looking for with the conversations around these things. Like talking about brewing beer, right?

Um, you guys are kinda in that, right? And so we’re trading, I’m making my heart transition here. It was, I try, I feel like it kind of does this, like, which job? Working community. Yeah. We got it about the same as my flight, which had some prayers involved, but it’s cool at the end of it, whereby he goes, Oh, yeah, this is the best.

It’s like, I’m alive. All right. Uh, but we do want to talk about that. So, um. You know, when you guys started this, you didn’t really have any intention of like, Hey, we’re gonna make a bunch of money from the endless podcast. Did you, I mean, you obviously have been nice, but your goal, I, I’m assuming was not like, Hey, this is, this is a big money maker.

This is a reveal sole reason we’re doing this. So I’m a business person. Aaron went into it with, this will be a fun thing to do. Like this would be enjoyable. I like making this content. I went into it with, um, I love performing and this is something that I think I can monetize. Absolutely. Yeah. Um, and I really wanted the right idea for show, like what made sense.

So we put a lot of time. And thought into what we were going to do and, um, because I knew, but it had to be something I was passionate about because I knew it wouldn’t make money for a long, it’s like I always equate it to being in a band. Ah, right. You had been, yeah. With Aaron and I didn’t know that.

Yeah. We were in a van together for awhile and, uh, so I knew it needed to be something that I was passionate about. And I love learning. I’m not good at making anything necessarily. But I like knowing how to do it. And so this was just a cheap excuse to like, get into people’s shops and talk to people and learn.

And, uh, and I knew that would keep me going no matter what. That I would always want to do that. And cause it takes time, right? Like you’re not just gonna suddenly have this. Nationwide show overnight unless you’re Dax Shepard or Conan. It’s a good show. It really is. But if you don’t have that name recognition, that was part of our initial thing was like, Hey, Aaron and I can sit in a garage and talk about what we’re building, but you guys don’t care.

But if we bring in. Um, the creator vapper rust and bore shyer post mint. People are going to tune in for that. Right. And so that really helped us have a leg up. Yeah, absolutely. So AB, how about how far along did you guys say, you know what, we’re going to try and Patrion. As kind of a an outlet. It existed before the show existed.

The business, I’m learning so much, so much right now, Daniel, which is great. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I really did. So here’s the deal. I did assume that you guys had zero interest in. Making money off of it just because of, based on your conversations and stuff. I mean, you guys, you guys are, again, not saying it’s bad to make money from it, right?

You should be supported and especially if you’re, there are costs that occur with this. Right. And so, um, but that is interesting cause I mean it’s, it’s cool because you’re learning the side of it, but then also like, Hey. We do have a plan. Right? It’s like any, if you love something, how are you going to keep that alive?

Yeah. Right. You’ve got to support it. Um, a family, a show, whatever that thing is, like you’re doing a thing outside of it to make that work. And I knew that because it was something I loved, I wanted to be able to make that something that could continue indefinitely and therefore it had to be able to support itself.

Yeah. Because if it can’t do that. It’s going to become a drain. It’s going to become something that becomes more of a stress. And so from the very beginning, I, I knew that I wanted to do, I mean we, we had merged very early, which is not done well. That was not a good investment. Um, uh, and I have some thoughts about that, but, um, patron was a very early thing and I knew about it cause my brother’s an artist and he was.

Big proponent of Patrion, and I thought it was kind of scammy. So I talked to him out of doing it. And like years later I’m like, I have a podcast with Patriot. And he’s like, Daniel, seriously man, come on. But so yeah, page John was there. It was live the very first day of the show up. That’s awesome. Yeah. So let’s talk about Patrion for a second.

So kind of give a brief overview of what it is, how it works, the different tiers and stuff like that. So patron is a platform that allows a creator to. To make a presence for themselves and then encourage their audience to support them and kind of any dollar amount. Yeah. So you can start at something like a monthly amount, like a dollar a month, and really anybody can afford that.

And then you can go up to, there’s some people who will have like a thousand dollars a month or something, and there’s people that will do it by the content they produce. So for every episode I do, you’re going to, you know, sign up to pay this much money. Um, there are people that will. Just because they really love you or love the show or whatever.

Um, but generally you’re going to put some kind of extra content on there as kind of encouragement to drive traffic to that destination. Something special in a little more intimate for that audience. Right. Cause those are your really, really devoted. Yeah. I’ll absolutely. But it, it’s a great platform that allows you to engage via video.

Uh, you can just do written posts. You can do like a separate secondary kind of RSS podcast feed. Um, it’s a really robust platform that is pretty inexpensive and I don’t work for patriarchy, but if you can start a page on and get $100 in support by March, you get the founder. Um. Pricing of it, which lowers your percentage of what they take.

Oh, wow. I like 3%. Huh. So, yeah, that’s pretty incredible actually. Yeah. You have some awesome to pull that off. Yeah. So make sure you go to Patriana slash go road. Just the one person that has a dollar tier, please support us. Okay. Um. No, I think that’s great. Now, and again, Patriot, I’m kind of came out when we were doing, I heard it at a conference once, I’m, you know, when we first did our first podcast, and, uh, it just kinda opened all these doors of like, wow.

You know, if people really liked the show, because I did have people like, Hey, do I have to pay for it? Exactly. I mean, even back then, 2013 people were like, what’s a podcast? Yeah. Cause it on YouTube. Where do I go to get it? You know, you’re like, we still have people we’ve seen, I’ve seen all your videos and I’m like, w we made one trailer.

Maybe that’s all they’ve seen. All of them you’d have, I guess. Um, that is interesting though. I mean, because. Being able to, you know, have, there’s like a little bit of hope whether or not you’re selling a service or you’re selling merchandise or something like that. Um, how kind of go into even, you know, my wife has the adopted mom podcast and she has a Patriot on now that she is going through you really, I mean, I think she gives.

I tell her it’s all time cause you stressing all the time. But she’s giving tons and tons of content. She’s at the upper end of content. Yeah. Still referred somebody to pay 10 bucks a month, which she has quite a few people doing 10 bucks a month. And she’s like, you know, you get Bible study guides that are on top of this and you can print these out in these different worksheets and you can go through, I’m like so much.

Plus she’s doing additional shows. To help. So that’s kind of what it’s like. You have your main feed on iTunes and your, your other players, right. And then you can set up that separate RSSV that people can subscribe and get the patriarch content and it’s like she has another show and she’s launching another one on that too.

Like just on Patrion just on patriotic too. A lot of work. Yes, honey, if you’re listening right now, I mean, we can dive into the nuts and bolts of things I’ve learned about Paco and over the last two, almost two years. So I’m a Patriot or a patron. You are. I am. Yeah. I got my cool coaster. The coaster. Yeah.

I saw the coach. I was like, I want to coach her. Yeah. There’s a story behind coasters, but yeah. Oh, so let’s talk about the different tiers and stuff. Sure. Sorry, Lauren supposed to be asking these questions. We’re just, we’re just jumping in board, just hanging out today. She’s probably listening to like really good music on her headphones and not even paying attention to that as a basis.

So good on the beats. DQ is a little off. It sounds. It sounds good. Okay. Less Brian and lower, lower. Um, so yeah, so we talk about the kind of the do’s and don’ts of Patriana, right? Because you do have an intro story. Interesting story, and I didn’t even talk to you about this before ahead of time, but talking about Patrion and kind of all the work that does go into making sure that the people that are supporting you, you promising to make sure to deliver whatever that.

Yeah. A perk is right. Um, do you mind talking about that a little bit? Not at all. Uh, I put a lot of thought into that, right? Because one of the first things we did was we did a $5 tier. We didn’t, it’s hard to imagine that people are going to pay you money. Oh yeah. For a reason. And there’s no content when you start.

Right. So like. They’re starting with nothing. And I’m, one of the first things we did, we had a $1 tier, a $2 tier, and a $5 tier, and at the $5 tier you got a tee shirt. So I’m already negative money. Wow. What kind of tee shirt deal do you have? Well, so I went and bought really cheap paint shirts and then I have a friend who does vinyl and we would just like print these shirts.

And so I probably like broke even. Um, but I learned very quickly, like. You know, if you do that and was shipping that I wasn’t actually making any money, right? He was hurting me. You took me a couple months to kind of get back to even, even off of something like that. And so I started looking at paying more attention to what was happening on Patrion and, um, really being cognizant of.

What is something that I can, that we can put up and we just do one time and it impacts all of our patrons. Um, and then we try to do something kind of special every once in a while where you’re getting something handmade from us in some way. And so the first one that we did was I went to Germany for a month and we had just had this episode that I had drawn.

I’m the worst artist in the world, and Aaron would just, he handles most of the social media and he would just make fun of me. In like every post practically for like how bad in ours. Same. And it caused this little, like, if you can get anything where you’re getting people to pay attention to you online, like going back and forth.

So he and I would just do these like ridiculous little call-outs to each other over Instagram video, right? And people would just watch that. And it was basically me just saying, Hey guys, if you support that, I can like be an artist and sign up for patron, or I will draw you something from Germany and mail it to you.

And so we doubled our patron in like two weeks. Right? Um, then I had to go to Germany. And I am the worst artist in the world. So I spent like two days drawing the worst fixtures you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m like 30 postcards. Oh my goodness. Everybody got one. But one thing that I want to do is like, I don’t want it to be a barrier.

So every patron should be able to get that gift, right? And you can get in for as little as a dollar. So I need it to be cost effective between the high end and the low end. Um, and so I look at that more now. Like. You know, we get X amount of money a month on our patron in. If I’m going to send out gifts to people, I need that to come in.

Like ideally no more than half that amount. Right? Yeah. And we don’t do it often. We do it like once or twice a year. And so the next one was making coasters and that was something where like, I have a wood shop, I have this wood around. So basically it’s just time at that point. So we cut all these coasters out there.

I thought they were kind of cool looking. Yeah. I took them to the post office to mail them and they were like. Three bucks or four bucks to mail, and I was just like, shoot, it’s hard to send all these. Um, so that’s one thing that I would just really, if you’re going to do Patrion, be really aware of what you’re offering to do or signing up for a lot of stuff.

That’s one thing. Like, um, your wife has one of the most robust page on platforms I’ve seen, and she’s putting out a lot of content. But to your point, it’s a lot of content. And I think. It’ll be interesting to see how that grows, because that should attract a bigger audience there. And that’s going to bring down the cost to produce her patron, right?

So she may be looking at it that way. Um, and we keep playing with it and adjusting it and seeing what really brings people in. And I think that’s, you know, you’re talking about like monetizing the show or taking it seriously as a business. You’ve got to look at the metrics. Um, is our audience growing? We.

Last year we got bigger and bigger guests, but it wasn’t organically growing the base as much. And so like mixing the kind of local artists and that’s really going to be excited and going out there and yeah, encouraging people to listen to the show. Um, versus maybe some larger guests where it’s like, it’s cool that we got.

To talk to them. Um, but it’s not driving like organic growth here where word of mouth really matters. Right? Yeah. We’ve noticed that too. Even on our podcasts, like having kind of bigger names on it, it offers some credibility. And then also for people are cruising through, like I got to interview Pat Flynn of smart passive income and he’s a big marketer online guy, and so.

We even had somebody reference that where they’re like, Hey, you guys should check out the go road podcast. Cause they’ve interviewed like Pat Flynn and then started listing some other ones. And I don’t know that that episode, that episode hasn’t done better than any of our other episodes. You know, they’re all kind of in the same and that’s just it.

It’s like that maybe attracts them the first time, but then it’s all the other content that you’re really providing education or kind of behind the scenes. That’s what really keeps people on on your podcast and subscribe to it. So yeah, a hundred percent yup. I would agree. Yeah. So, Hey, we’re going to take a break here to say, Hey, we are on the voice press network.

Uh, Daniel, tell us a little bit about the voice person network. The voice person network is a network of finely curated, independently produced podcasts. I’m mostly local, signed from other parts of the country. Yeah. And it’s a good mixture of podcasts. I tried really hard. So the voice press is actually, that’s just my thing.

Right. Um, and. So that I tried really hard to make sure that it, it wasn’t shows, they were kind of overlapping each other. And, and once again, like I said, things that are just good quality that I found interesting. And so we have a kind of movie review, pop culture show action. Orson, um, we have you guys, which are.

Is the show I probably learned the most from, you know, like I really want to tell everybody else that I listened to go rogue and it has helped me. It has helped me with patron. Oh, nice. Flat out helped me with patron, um, before we came on air. Right? Like, what content are people going to pay for? And they’re only gonna pay for it.

If my free content. Is good enough to make you think that the paid content is going to have some value as well. Right. And that, that episode that you guys did about free content, really, because podcasts are by nature, genuinely free. In fact, one of my favorite ones went monetized and I stopped listening.

Yeah. There’s too much out there. There’s too many options, you know. Um, but yeah, no, I definitely listened to your guys’ show. And then the adoptive mom, um. And her show is just amazing. And you guys have a, what is the one, the software guys like something about Friday. We did not have that one. Oh no, I thought you guys did.

They were at the table with us that night. Yeah. So sorry. I thought for some reason I thought I saw them on the website. okay, this is shout out to them. I guess so. No, we do have, Georgia’s majestic lounge is on there and. Uh, beats by Travis. Yeah. Which that’s actually really cool and really similar to you guys, but then like drilled down into the music industry, but you can still pull from both those things.

Cause starting a podcast is like being in a band. Right. So all those things carry. Um, yeah. But the other piece of the, the voice press network is how do we take this, how do we start building the live community in the area? Because that’s a way to monetize. Podcasts upfront in pretty quickly. And so if we can provide that platform.

We’ve been talking to Travis a little bit and haven’t MacDonald. And just seeing what we can do as far as the venue and what makes sense to do some live shows. Yeah. Cause we had talked about like smoking barrel at one. I would still really like to do that. Yeah, we should do that. And that’s that. As long as they, I mean we’re, um, we’re on board because are we on board?

We’re on board. This is a commitment, right? Yeah. Down now time. We do definitely need to figure out the time, but no, I thought it was none of us sleep. That is so true. Anyway, cause I was joking when I said I do a podcast full time. I don’t, well, we talk. So you know with adoptive mom, she did a live event.

Right? A live recording, which was really well executed. Thank you. Yeah. I’m going to take some of that guy. I know that you produced a lot of, yeah. Um, but it is one of those things that. You know, talking about doing a live show, there’s so many different elements of it, but it actually gets you to see the people behind the Z.

Honestly see what a live recording is. So even if you’re not watching this right now on YouTube or some other platform, um, it is one of those things that’s seeing it produced, brings a whole nother element to it. Oh yeah. People actually talking to microphones, what they look like and all the things. And so doing a live show is just like that where it’s like, Hey, bringing this community together.

Right of people that can see a live production. A live performance. Yeah. Um, it builds even more of a connection. So yeah. And I think that’s one thing I’ve struggled with a little bit is know your show too, right? Like some things aren’t going to translate as well into a live show and other things are going to do very well on paper.

But how well are you? Like, are you a person that can get on stage in front of people because it changes it, right? Like, um, even just doing a live YouTube show would change it. And so, yeah, that’s one thing that we, there’s some talk about maybe doing a D and D podcast that can be . And we’ve talked about maybe taking that as like a live show thing.

Um, but we had to have a conversation with all people involved and be like, Hey, we might be on stage at some point. Are you cool with that? Because you don’t want this character people fall in love with and they’re just mute on stage stage right there. Yeah, no, that makes sense. Bless you Lauren. You know, now that Lorne has, uh, has, has a sneezing fit here, we’re going to turn it over to you for a quote cause I think there’s a good quote that you have, um, that actually talks about being real in front of people.

Right, right, right. I mean, I think with podcasting specifically, you hit on the fact that, um, we don’t see our listeners all the time. Um, and so there can be a disconnect of feeling connected to, to them from host to listener, to listener to host, for sure. Um, and I found this quote, um, for a musician, Peter Hollins, who.

Dated, um, we are in this business, in my opinion, to reach out and make somebody’s day better. If somebody reaches out to me and says, Oh my gosh, Peter, I love your work, and I respond a lot of the time, they freak out with joy. Some will go as far as to say that I made their day. I find it really important to consider yourself on the same level as your fans.

Do whatever you possibly can to make sure people know that you don’t consider yourself more important than they are. You are just like one of them. People want to know that you’re real. Yeah, there you go, man. It’s, I have a story about this actually. I love stories. When the show started, um, it was really slow growth and it, it could emotionally be really hard because it just felt like nothing was moving.

And I would talk to a friend of mine and he was like, even if there’s only 50 people or a hundred people listening to the show or whatever the number might be like, that’s still that many people that picked you to listen to out of. Every possible option. Yeah. Um, and you matter to them. Right. And so then when I’m engaging in social media content, um, that sounded dumb.

When I’m engaging in social media, that’s the point, right? That’s why I’m not in charge of it, but trying to respond to everybody and engage with everybody because they value that interaction. Right? Yeah. But then the flip side came, we had done an episode that, um, was a little. Probably a little more serious and introspective than most of our shows are.

And a person had commented and she just wrote this beautiful statement about listening to that show. And it was first and foremost the compliment to the guests. But then it also just complimented like kind of the interview style and whatever. And it was one of those days where like, it was just, um, I think I was just stressed out or whatever, but I found myself going back and reading the, I probably read it five times and, um, I got the chance to meet her in person and chat with her in person.

And. Like how valuable that was to me. And we just had this conversation around engaging authentically, both directions matters to both sides. You know, like it matters to me when you reach out to me, right? It matters when somebody reaches out to you guys and talks to you guys. Um, but it absolutely matters to that listener.

You know, the people that think that we do do it full time, or that this is like . I know that when somebody responds to my tweet and I think they’re like the biggest thing in the world, and I’m like, yeah, man. I’m like, Oh my goodness, I can’t believe, you know, just did a, you know, whatever the thing is. Um, it’s cool.

Yeah. So, yeah, I think 100% of the, that impact goes both ways and so, okay. Engage with the audience because it’s everything. Yeah, absolutely. Um, so even going through that, so, um. You know, we talk about Patriot and we talk about, um, kind of the do’s and don’ts of that and talking about the community building.

Um, you know. I’m an open book, just ask. I’m trying to think of how to wear the, so finding a very weird, we’re big on niche podcasts, right? And so finding that specific thing to talk about. So if somebody is out there and they’re saying, I want to start a podcast, we literally had one of, one of our clients reach out and they were like, Hey, I want to start my own personal podcast.

Like, great. What do you want to talk about? Well, I have 15 different things right? How, what would, what advice would you give them to find very specific, like niche to go into? Because when we say the riches are in the niches, right? Oh my gosh, have you never it, I’m actually not part of that. I had to think for a second what you just said, so we’re not going to bleep anything out because I didn’t say anything wrong.

But they are, the riches are in the niches. It’s called the long tail. I think in marketing. You write your book and see how, no, I believe that’s a Pat Flynn quote. So you know, I’m not, I’m not taking them back. I’m, I’m sticking to my, no, standby it. It’s a good idea. We won’t share all the stories, but Brian has a lot of metaphor that he shared that I sometimes get very confused.

90 year old man when I’m doing the social media content. Rob, I’m going to tell you right now, if you’re listening to this, DMS. And I will tell you what awkward things that I say before Laura content that just put her on patriarchs. You know, there’s a podcast, the podcast. Actually I do that where they have a sound.

Where it’s like they will take something out of their episode and it’s like, dah, dah, dah. It’s like there’ll be talking. Then all of a sudden, boom, duh, duh, duh, duh. It’s like hold music and they come back in and that’s Patrion content as you don’t know what they said in that moment. That’s a good idea.

Yeah. And then you have to go and subsidiarity and like figuring out what was said during that episode. It’s pretty good. That is something that we kind of kind of skipped around. Pay attention to what other people are doing right. What’s working for them and what’s not working for them. Because I’ve seen Alex do a bunch of stuff where I’m like, Hmm, how do I do that authentically for us?

Like what’s our spin on that idea of that thing? Yeah. I’ve other people that I follow or I support on Patrion was the stuff they’re doing that I can kind of take for myself. Some of it doesn’t work. Other stuff has. Doubled, tripled the grass. Right. So it’s all about, it’s about that testing and knowing 100% I’ve known that.

So talk to the community. Ask questions. Yeah. DM, you guys hit you up on Instagram. Like I’m super open about it. Like. Share the information cause it just helps all of us grow. Yeah, absolutely. Um, all right. So back to my niches, right? Right. Yeah, we tried to get you out of it. That’s a got 99 problems and we’re there and we’re back.

That was a little bit of a layover. Love it. Love it. So you say, so, I mean, what made you guys, I mean you kind of talked about it a little bit, but what made you say, Hey, we’re going to. Go in with creators because, or creators or makers and all that, because this is our community. Like, like what would, what would you suggest somebody who’s like, I like sports and I also like fashion.

I also like, you know, how would you kind of direct that for them to help them kind of understand, Hey, I need to start a podcast about this. Because if it’s too broad, it’s not going to hit on for anybody. Right. Super bowl outfits podcast. Oh, super. So on this day you don’t even need me. Yeah. The seeds to come out right now, there’s not a lot of time, so I, Mmm.

Is it okay to disagree with you on, on the shows? Yes. I don’t care about niches in that sense. And so my thought is like. Somebody else. In fact, the other day, the a to Z podcast hit us up. It is two guys who used to play in a band who interview creative people. Oh, that’s hilarious. Every week. Right. And it’s not even that different.

Um, and I think had I known that, and I was really concerned with like being unique in the only thing on the market. Well, I wouldn’t have done the show I’m doing now because that show already exists. Those guys already cornered the market, you know, whatever the thing is, they’ve been doing it longer for that matter.

So for me, it’s what am I passionate about? I am me and there’s no other me out there. And whatever my take or view on that passion thing is, is going to be the unique ingredient into it. It creates its own niche that way. Right. Um. The, the way I look at the world, the things that inspire me are going to be slightly different than another maker creator.

Somewhere, right? Like my, my spin is I love to learn. Um, I’m not actually the greatest maker, right? Like, I just like to learn. So that’s the, the unique thing for me is that, um, but I think people get really caught up in having this original idea, and it’s why people are so guarded about their information, their creative idea.

But like how many asteroid movies came out in 97. Right? Like, you know, I mean, it’s just like, you see these like simultaneous creations happen all the time. We all walked away with like, Oh, that one was better. I mean, and there were, there were people on both sides. Again, it was a for deep impact. Anyway, that little finger, right in the other Astro movie we’d never heard of.

I mean, Netflix is just a knockoff channel for a lot of movies, right. And there’s an audience for it. There is an audience for everything. And, but I think you eventually kind of stop yourself from ever hitting the market because you spend so much time kind of research and development. Um, so I would just say do it.

That’s a great point. Yeah. Because there’s so many people that just sit. And like, well, I can do this, and I can say, well, I don’t want to do it wrong. I’m going to have to make sure it’s done this way and that way. I agree. Get out there and just do it and here’s the deal. You disagree, but you answered my question.

Yeah. You talked about that passion piece. Yeah. Got him. No, but it was that, I mean, is that, what are you passionate about? That there’s nobody else like you, it’s your voice. I mean, how many freaking marketing podcasts are there out there? Right. I had just filed an LLC. I had just gotten all. Of the webpages.

I had everything locked in and I see a Facebook post for go rogue X and I click on it and it’s like not a fully created page and it is 100% this guy doing exactly the thing I’m in the middle of spending money on, like straight up. They’re just like, I have to beat the scatter market. I don’t know how I’m going to like, well, most people never execute like that.

Like kind of a safe spot is most people don’t execute. Yeah. Um, the reality was, in this case, I was the guy that didn’t execute right. And so, uh. Like I was late to market, but the network was coming together faster and easier for me than the producing. Podcasting was coming together. And so when I, the first time I talked to you, I said, Hey, I remember that.

Yeah. Just so you know, the goal is there’s this other arm, but the reality is I haven’t had the time. And the resources to pull it off and like to put in the effort needed to do it. And, um, but that stuff happens all the time. Yeah. And I think the people that complain about, well, Brian’s stole my idea.

It’s like, no. Like Brian just worked harder than you did not. He didn’t steal it. Like he even, that never met. Yeah, exactly. But even to that point, I mean. Starting up another pie. I mean, you have a completely different take. Yeah, right. You call it long tail, I call it, you know, there’s two different funnels.

It’s still, the model’s different, right? Like, and even if we continue to move forward down that path, like the thing is. Okay. Like I can learn from you and you can learn from me. Um, and that, that competition happens all, there’s not one coffee shop in your town, right? Yeah. You’re going to be the preference of somebody because you bring a Brian and a Lauren to the table.

And I bring a homeless looking Canadian guy. right. Um, no, I, I love that. And honestly, I mean that, that should encourage anybody out there that’s like, well, there’s this other podcast and they’re doing so much better and they’re doing all these other things. You know what, that’s okay. Because you have a unique spin on it.

We’re sitting at the table making each other better. Yeah, right. You know, I’m listening to you for advice, you know, like I really, I’m like, okay. Yeah. All right. It’s all Lauren. But I was going to say, actually, I’m listening to Lauren for advice mastermind. I’m like, if we just turned down like the guy talking sometimes, like about random quotes about niches.

So let me ask this. Soaking it all in when the real interview starts. No. So you finally get over your fear and actually press record and start a podcast. Okay. And so you’re listening to this, maybe this episode, and you’re like, Patriot on that. Sounds like a really good idea. Okay. So how do you combat the question of why should I pay to support you when so many others are doing something similar for free?

So if you’re a marketing podcast like us is other patrons, like why would we start a Patriot? And it’s kind of like getting over that. How do you combat that? Maybe even a fear that your audience is thinking, even if they’re not. Yeah, we’re, we’re kind of in that too. Yeah. I guess we did face the question of like, will anybody pay for this?

But my thought is, my thought there was, I’m giving you the content you can choose if I’m make it compelling enough and the price points are right. And actually when we started. It turned out our price points were high enough. So I ran out of all the top tier and I had to actually go back in and create higher tiers and rethink kind of what that structure looked like because I priced the market too low.

Um, because I didn’t, I didn’t know how to gauge it. Right. So I would suggest go pretty broad. Um, and then see what’s selling and what’s not selling to people. But I think like any other commodity you’re bringing to market, like it’s got to have value in. Fine. Respond to it. So some things don’t get a lot of interaction.

Some things do. Um, for us, the outtakes and kind of the long, unabridged episodes we put up get much more response than just a column, or even the Aaron and I talking episodes, we just do. Um, that doesn’t seem to generate as much, but yeah, I wouldn’t worry about like. They don’t have to, and I wouldn’t even combat that question.

Don’t like the real core of it is free. Um, if, if you think of uncensored Easter bunny interview that’s not safe for work is worth your time, then pay the dollar. And if you wanna pay the dollar for a month and then go, that’s okay too. My goal is to create something that keeps you coming back all the time and that burdens on me.

And so, yeah, I don’t. I don’t. Does that answer your question actually really does, because my followup question to that is someone who has a podcast, they start their Patriot. How do you authentically advertise about your Patrion to your listeners? That it’s not tiresome. It’s not ignoring annoying, and like you said, it’s an authentic, like you should want this stuff.

Right? Right. We beg? No. So we mentioned it every episode. Um, same as we tell people to subscribe every episode and share every episode. Those are good tips. Like just a little things there. Those are like bear and tree, right? Don’t even do a show if you can’t do that. You can’t ask people to subscribe.

Probably don’t do a show. That’s great advice. Yeah, that’s a, I’m not a marketing podcast, but if I had one, like I would really just like about subscriptions. Well, that’s about them all the time we have today. Thank you guys for tuning in to go collect. Um, so there won’t be a part two. I guess it’s that, Hey, you know what?

We should do a part two, by the way, too low is down way too long. Yeah, that will. Yeah. When this gets one download, you’re like, yeah, we don’t need him back. His mom finally listened. On Brighton, so it’s not gonna hurt you on another episode. Hey, by the way, if you’re looking to grow your podcast, being on other shows is a phenomenal way to do that.

It is. That’s another tip. Do you guys want to come on our show? Is that what you’re asking? I mean,

we have talked to Luis for a while. We make around here. We should figure out, you guys make a podcast. Yeah, there we go. That’s the thing. Video content for anyone listening out there for those guys have a legit business. Do make a lot of contents. You always think makers. Oh. Of like hands on, like physical, probably this kind of the term, right?

If you’re a maker, it’s that. Yeah. But, and that’s why we say conversations with creators because, yeah. Um, my original thing was everything from landscape architects to blacksmiths was my like, original pitch. Right? Like anything creative would fall in that. Um, we’ve gotten wildly off your follow up questions, so sorry.

I’m still focusing on pulling it back. Project manager content. Where were we? We were talking about how do you basically advertise for you. We literally ask. So the first thing we do is we think, um, every patron down to like within a certain range cause otherwise it starts just kind of getting like too long.

Right? And then we think all those patrons on the website, every patron on the website, um, Alex on adoptive mom does an amazing thing where she, at least one time for sure, like. Thank you, Lauren, for being the support. Right. And you were the sponsor of that episode, and that was a very cool way of doing it.

Um, because people, they like hearing their names and, and also people like if they enjoy you and enjoy your content, they want to keep that thing out in the world. And one of the, one of the earliest supporters of the show. Um, was a guy named Ty who owned stria gaming company, and he just wanted local podcasts like us to exist.

And so he almost immediately just got on and started supporting the show because people want to. They appreciate what you’re putting in the world. Right? And so, yeah, we just tell people where they can go. Um, sometimes we’ll tease it a little bit, like, Hey, if you really liked this episode, there’s a longer version.

Right. Um, but yeah, we literally just ask over and over and over. I mean, I think that’s when you kind of put a huge ballpark on that, is that, um, you need to push record. And record your podcast. You need to ask people to subscribe and ask them, Hey, do you want some really cool content? It’s not as complicated as we make it out to be in our, in our brains.

I mean, I tell people what I want to do. I want to get the state of North Dakota to download the podcast. West Virginia. Yeah. Okay. I’ve got 49 and 51 50 countries and 49 States that I cannot get North Dakota. What is actually reached out to people in West Virginia? I never told you that. And I don’t know if it was one of mine, but I did like, thank you sir.

Amen. Cause I lived in West Virginia.

There’s been a couple of people who were like, I’ll get one for you. And I’m like, okay, cause it never happens. And then one day woke up and checked and I was like. That’s, that was pretty, somebody moved in. It’s like, that’s so awesome. That’s really cool. Oh, Hey Daniel. Thanks so much. We’re thanks for having me.

We’ve had to reschedule a few times. Sorry. No, that’s okay. I think some of that was me actually. Yeah, I think back and forth and then you flew in at 3:00 AM this whole parent thing, but no thanks for having me on the show. I’ve been looking forward to doing it for a long time and we’ll definitely have to have you guys at some point.

I’m sure we’ll come to our woodshop or something. You have a woodshop now. Oh, we come to your woodshop and film, and I could say borrowed. Am I spit into a second shop? An automotive metalworking shop as well? That’s kind of one day I’ll have a podcast studio. I keep prioritizing incorrectly. That’s awesome.

All right, well, Hey, make sure you guys help people where they can find more information about, look what I did and you and you and Aaron. So look what I did. Dot net. Um, and then we’re L w I D project on Instagram cause that was a bad marketing decision I’m trying to fix right now. And, uh, forward slash look what I did.

If you want to get bonus content, support the show, you can always do that. And then you can follow me at quintessential Instagram. Aaron came over there. He’s a wordsmith genius. Um. Aaron Dotson on Instagram, and then Heather Hill actually does all our digital. We did not talk about that, and that was one of them.

I’m in the back of my mind. If you’re doing a podcast, make sure to document it. You guys do a great job. Heather does a great job of taking photos during it, and, and I mean that only helps your guests. I mean, there’s lots of content for them to be able to share. It just only helps promote what you’re doing.

So that’s wanting to drive them to a landing page. And so photos on the website was the perfect, and she’s an incredible artist. So Heather Hill. Uh, or burdened blade. Yeah. Nice. That’s awesome. Well, cool. Make sure you guys subscribe to this episode. Make sure you guys go subscribe to, look what I did when I did iTunes, Spotify, everywhere, all the places.

Make sure that you go there and subscribe and let us know what you think of this episode too. We’d love to, uh, to talk to you, you know, slide into our DMS about the riches and the niches. You know what I’m saying? If it’s good, let me know. It’s not good. Just tell Brian. Awesome. All right. We’ll see you guys.

Next week. Thanks

All right, we are ready for rapid fire, rapid fire, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. Starting with our guest. What movie can you rewatch over and over and over again? The rocket tier. I have never seen that. Wow. I do not like that movie. It’s on Disney plus, and I started watching it. I was like, ah, I can’t stand this movie.

Also, Terminator. Those are good. Okay. And you know what? I applaud you. Good for you, Daniel. Awesome. I’ve never seen that one. Yeah, you should. Jennifer Connelly and some other people.

That’s hilarious. All right. Lauren, what? What movie? When you rewatch for some odd reason, this movie, I don’t ever get tired of it and always makes me still very happy. Is Dan in real life? Oh, that’s a good one. I’ve never seen that. I’ve always heard how good it is. Just drop it off at your house. I think you and Alex really like it.

Yup. There’s some really good teenage lines in there too. Yeah. It’s worthwhile. Um, mine is a, you know, a Saifai this. You guys haven’t calmed down? Wait, you just say it’s coming out? No. How are you watching it? Over and over and over. No, really looking forward to blade runner 3000 so there is a movie, by the way, that I watched three times, four times in theaters, which was it when it came to scary movies and the joker, I saw the joker twice.

I could probably watch the joker over and over and over and over. It’s so good. No, the matrix. Is that SkyFii enough for you guys? Okay. Let’s say you would technically scifi. That’s pretty like hard sigh. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Uh, but no, the matrix, I can, I mean, it’s a good pick and now it’s like nostalgia because of all the old tech that they have and it still looks really good.

So good on them coming out with a new one. I don’t like it. I don’t, I don’t, I mean, they definitely need to redeem the second two, you know, in the trilogy, they were, I, I’m a die hard fan, so I love them, but they’re, they’re a little rough in the road. Yeah. So. I dunno, but it’s, it is happening, right? They confirmed.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s a lot of the ridges started filming in San Francisco, I think already. Yeah. Miss, you know what? Retreads old ground. Well, Cobra Kai, that was almost my things I’m obsessed with. That show’s amazing. There was a time where I went to Nashville. And you put up a sticker for me somewhere in Nashville.

Not at the place you went. Not at Kung Fu. Yeah. Which I mean, it makes sense, but what was my clue? It was like. It was a Cobra Kai, like state. Yeah. You went to a Shogun place, which is not karate. The place was called Kung Fu, and it was an arcade. Karate. I know. But, um, here’s the deal. I’m driving by or driving through, driving through Nashville, and I’m like, I don’t know.

And then all of a sudden we pull up. Conklin and I was like, Oh, of course it is. It’s right here. You are really proud. You actually sent me a message. I was like, you’re not there like three miles away. It’s the perfect place. So, cause we were saying, so Daniel put a sticker in one of these restaurants and so anyway, I was like, there’s sticker poles like everything.

And I was like, this is. This is get right, and I looked for like an hour, like an idiot. I’m sorry. It should have been an, I should not have maybe done it as like a, Oh, it was, it was a tough glue for somebody who does not know downtown Nashville fair. No idea what you’re doing. So I was expecting you to ask questions, not just wander the city for two days.

That’s probably next time. Like, Hey buddy, tell me where it is. Sorry. Go ahead Lauren. Oh, go ahead. All right. This one’s a weird one. If you could travel to any other planet, real or fictional, where would you go and why? Somebody else. Okay. Brian. I’m a Mars fan. I love Mars, like it’s very plain, but NASA just talked about the, uh, Oh, what is it?

The Curie curiosity. Curious. Oh, the Rover. The Rover is curiosity. Yeah. So it’s been there. It was only supposed to stay for like a year and it’s been there for eight years now, or seven years. Just hit seven years, which is stuck. No, no, no. It’s sound. My wife feels spares was going to be in and out, but he’s still like, but dude, they just release all the pictures, like the 30 best pictures from it.

I mean, it’s just phenomenal stuff. And they took a bunch of selfies and I mean, you can tell it’s worn out. But it’s so cool. I’ll just love it. And Mars is not that interesting, but photography wise, the way that this thing took photos, I mean, it looks amazing. Just phenomenal landscape photos and I’d say beautiful.

Yeah, I’m getting sentimental here and you guys are. We have like red dirt fills graph in certain lighting gear like moon conspiracy. This was all taken in Utah. To be clear. I do not believe it was considered

good or bad that later. Yeah. Like, Whoa, Daniel thinks it’s all a hoax, but what would happen is I’m giving this podcast a one. This was a terrible water thirst I use, they talk about space, but they don’t even know. Anyway, sorry. So I hate that I prepare these questions and sometimes I don’t even think about the answers.

That makes it rapid fire for you as well. I try not to like dwell on it too much, but I don’t know what planet I would visit because I kinda similar like. I mean, if you’re going real, if it’s like a floating rock, I mean, yeah, you actually, what would you like to live on? I mean, I’ve always thought like Jupiter’s pretty cool.

It’s like the biggest radio and stormy. Yeah. What do you want to live in South Florida? Your whole life is not, you could travel to it didn’t say, Oh, like live there, live there and you know, so I’m kinda thinking of like in a safe distance, look at it. But I mean, I also really hold for like the gust fans of psych, Pluto, you know, you guys know what I’m talking about.

Yeah, man. You know what I’m talking about? They’re forced to watch like, it’s good. We’re good. Anyway. All right, Daniel planet. It’s the neverending story place a plant. Cause that’d be cool to live there. Yeah. I don’t know. Ah, I’m really torn on what I would say Vulcan would be cool cause I’m a star Trek fan.

Yeah. I would just want to go live with a bunch of Vulcans for awhile. That, yeah. Or the place from a avatar. Yeah, I thought about that. That’s pretty Pandora. Pandora? Yeah. There’s like, I know the name. Yeah. I was drawing a blank, but I haven’t always, I’ve always wanted to go. Is a Disney Disney land Disney world?

Is it Disney world? It depends on where you’re going. I don’t know. Avatar. Pandora. They was only in Orlando. Yeah. They made it, and just the architecture to like have these floating islands essentially and how they made all of it and just, I mean, it’s phenomenal. I saw when they started building, I was like, gotta go there and then obviously you forget about it.

And then somebody else posted a picture of him. Like I met a guy that works that does sound engineering for Disney world, and he was there. And just kind of going through what did we do that interview and go on back to her. How could we do a two on that one? Go rogue and look what I did. Talk to us about what you’re doing here is like working up rock speakers.

Well, that’s cool. Anyway. Um, but no. Yeah, that’s a, that’s a great one actually. Man, Mars is fine. Well, I had like nine before I got to that one. So, alright. Cooler than ours. Yeah. Oh, absolutely. What was the planet that blew up in star Wars? Alderaan alderman. Yeah, I didn’t even think it’s about star Wars. I’m like, I don’t really know the planet names.

I mean, I just learned that Luke was a water farmer, a moisture farmer. Mr. Farmer. I do remember that. I did not know that their Turkey though. Clearly you want to go to the walk planet, whatever that one. Yeah, trees AKA, I’m pretty sure like. Northern California, the redwoods, basically everything we’ve talked about.

Wow. That was the seals. It was good. Hey, all right. We’re out. Uh, Bay pier, the ankle has landed.


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