How to Serve Your Community Digitally

Show Notes:

[00:04:40] What are you obsessed with?

Bryan: Banjo Kazooie

Loren: Westworld Season 3

Amy: Gradient Puzzles & Little Fires Everywhere

[00:09:00] How can you serve your community digitally?

[00:15:20] What are you doing to acknowledge the sensitivity of this situation? 

[00:19:20] What resources are you giving 

[00:24:30] Advice for small business marketers right now

[00:29:15] Rapid Fire Questions

Show Quotes:

“It is so important to continue to give value, without asking for something in return during this time.” [00:11:45]

“It may not bring you a sale or a patient right then, but they will remember that you weren’t trying to upsell them at a time that may have been financially impossible.” [00:16:30]


Serving your audience when circumstances are out of the ordinary can be a challenge, but is definitely not impossible. One of the best ways to support your audience is digitally. Providing a connection through other channels is vital when you cannot physically engage with your audience like you normally would.

When connecting digitally, one of the best topics to stick with is education. By freely educating your audience, you are demonstrating that the work you do is about more than the profit made. It shows that you care about the wellbeing of people, not just growing your business or making a sale. Even more importantly, more often than not, people want to learn more. This content should provide education that will benefit your audience, so they stay engaged and interact with the content you provide. 

Another great way to keep your audience engaged is by supporting local. Try organizing a giveaway chocked full of goodies from your favorite mom & pop shops to encourage others to support local businesses, as well. You can also feature content related to other local endeavors, such as where your employees are grabbing their coffee or hiking with their families. In times where your business is not operating normally, it is important to show that life is still going on. 

Lastly, remain sensitive to unforeseen circumstances that may be affecting your business, as well as your clients. Your business’s response to a situation will leave a taste in your audience’s mouth – make sure it isn’t sour. Use your platforms to become a trusted and respected resource. It is much easier to trust a brand that handles crazy times with grace when things eventually return to normal. Brands that utilize down time to best serve their community will have clients running back to them once they are able to buy again. 

Although it may feel like it, turmoil never lasts forever. Remind your audience that just because your doors are temporarily closed, does not mean that you aren’t accessible. Focus on the big picture; the things that affect everyone in your community. Oftentimes, the best thing you can do for your business and your audience is to keep showing up for them, no matter what.