Have You Heard of Fleets? The More You Know! – August Edition


(00:31) Intro

(1:41) Instagram Reels

(4:36) Canva Live

(10:05) Threads

(13:33) Twitter – Voice Tweets and Fleets

(19:03) Using video in marketing

(23:17) Wrap up

(23:53) Rapid Fire



“Instagram is putting a lot of traffic behind [Instagram Reels] and a lot of focus on this, right? So you have a chance right now, if you jump in early, to be able to be in front of a new audience or an audience that maybe wouldn’t have seen your content otherwise.” (3:27)

Here’s what you need to know about the digital marketing world in August of 2020.

Instagram Reels

Instagram has released a new feature as its unofficial response to TikTok. With the growth of the popular social media platform that runs off of 15-second videos, Instagram saw an opportunity to capitalize on the burgeoning short-video market. Now is the time to jump into making Reels, as Instagram is promoting the new feature heavily. This is an excellent opportunity to put your content out in front of an audience that may not see it otherwise!

Canva Live

Canva, our favorite graphic design tool for novices, has released a new function for their platform. Canva Live promotes audience engagement by allowing people to submit questions directly into presenter view from their mobile devices. Presenters can pull up the questions and display them on-screen during their presentation. We love how this eliminates cross-platform confusion possibilities and promotes interactive presentations.

Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads, a separate app from your normal Instagram app, allows you to connect directly with your close friends by using photos and videos. While we are not particularly intrigued by the app itself, we love the voice-to-text functions that it showcases. It uses intelligent technology to identify your face in the frame and place text around it to not distract viewers from the focus. Likely, Instagram will eventually merge this app with its flagship app, as it did with IGTV.

Voice Tweets and Fleets

You might have already written Twitter off. For many, this happened years ago, but Twitter is determined to claw its way back into relevance. As they roll out new features to raise engagement, two additions to Twitter’s platform hold our attention this month. First, Twitter has announced a new feature referred to as Voice Tweets. Essentially, it allows you to speak your tweets, and they will be played back in your followers’ feeds. They can be up to 140 seconds. The second feature is Fleets, which are essentially Twitter’s version of “stories.” While an out-dated platform adding a “stories” function would not usually grab our attention, there is one feature to Fleets that is alluring. Twitter is working on a function called “Collaborative Fleets,” which allows two contributors to co-create Fleets without being together. It will be interesting to see how other platforms adopt this idea of co-created “stories.


There’s lots of, lots of things that are happening, especially with video, but right now, um, is the best time to be doing this because there are a lot of companies that have pulled back on their marketing budget. But if you have that extra budget, push it towards video ads, video plays, tic talk, like jump on all the platforms.

It really just tested.

Uh, when you have a laptop. Hey, what’s up. Welcome back to the do marketing differently podcast presented by go rogue X. This is the podcast dedicated to helping you give value. Think outside the box, go rogue with your content. As it were stand out from the crowd. Make sure you subscribe because every week we’re going to be bringing you tips and tricks and all kinds of really cool things to make sure that you’re, uh, promoting your message, that you’re helping people that you’re serving first.

So, uh, Hey. I’m Brian Finn, and I’m here with Lauren Lewis.



, how’s it going?

Good. Hey, we are recording in our new space, partnered with soap box influence and they, uh, they’re officing we’re officing together now. And so we are, we got a new spot, glad to be back in the studio and recording again. And honestly today’s episode is very exciting because it’s the more, you know,

Yep. You need to be in the now

you need to be in the know, especially in social marketing, social media, marketing, and digital marketing in general, all of this stuff is constantly changing. So we’ve got some really cool stuff to talk about. So let’s just dive into it. Let’s get into it right now.

Let’s do it.

Are you ready?

I am totally ready.

It was like a rapid fire time

, right? Right.

Just going through

you’re starting, right?

Yes, I am sorry. Okay. So the first thing we’re going to talk about today, I’m bringing up my notes here is a ID real, so Instagram reels that just came out recently the past month, I think.

Yeah. So tell us, um, for those who have never used reels, what is it?

So it’s basically a copying. What tick talk is doing? Sure. So Instagram, Facebook, they all tend to do even Apple. I talked about this last time. Yeah. Apple tends to find an idea and then just make it better. And so Instagram did that with Snapchat, they stole stories and then they, I think they made them better.

You know, Snapchat has some cool features, but again, it’s like to a mass audience. They make it very appealing, appealing to a bigger audience. So, anyway, um, yeah, so real is kind of the same thing where it is a very short video. So 15 second videos, uh, that are really geared towards that tic talk user or somebody else.

I would say, even a business who is not really excited to get on tech talk. Um, not saying that you can, we have a great episode with American estates, uh, that they are just killing it in the ticktock game. Uh, but this is an alternative. I know that you can use, uh, if you are a business to really get in front of a lot of people in a different audience too.

So, um, I’ve already seen, so there’s been several different businesses that have actually used this well. Uh, but one is, is, um, Jasmine star. I don’t know if you guys follow her. She’s kind of a social media influencer. Personal coach or business coach or whatever. She does some, some really cool things with her.

So she actually showed how to do an actual ID reel. And then she also went through like the steps. So she brought some value. So it’s like what you should, what you need for a podcast. And so she recorded it and launched it and then showed the kind of the behind the scenes, the how to she did how she did it, but it was a really cool, it’s really fast and catchy.

And. Uh, it’s one of those things again, where Instagram is putting a lot of traffic behind this and a lot of focus on this, right? So you have a chance right now, if you jump on early to be able to be in front of a new audience or an audience that maybe wouldn’t have seen your content otherwise, which is awesome, which is fantastic.

Yeah. They should totally be checking out how to make your first reel. Um, don’t overthink it, just do it, put it out there. I think there’s a lot of people that once they do it for the first time that fear is gone and then they start to get really creative with it. So I would totally jump on this train.

It’s definitely gonna.

Absolutely. Make sure you go follow, go rogue ex on Instagram to see Lauren and her first Instagram, real that we’re going to have on our, uh, on our ID page. So yes, you should take your own advice. Just jump, just go do it.

Absolutely. I get way too in my head. So yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do it though.

I’ll let you do it.

Yes, absolutely. Hey, I’m excited and make sure you guys tag us too. If you do your first real, we would love to see it. Uh, so tag us in there, share with us, uh, so we can see what you’re creating out there. Absolutely very exciting stuff. Alright. What are you covering?

So I’m talking about Canva.

Today. Um, so I absolutely love Canva. If you are not familiar with this tool, um, it’s mainly a desktop tool, a graphic design tool. You can, um, use it mobily, but their app has a long way to go. Um, but it’s really built for those that are beginner in graphic design, and they have a ton of templates and elements that you can use.

And, um, we absolutely. Love Canva, we sing their praises. Um, and so they have, um, some new features and one things I absolutely love about Canva is they continue to push the bar and they are not just happy with the status quo. They continue to bring new things to the platform. So I’m always checking back each month and I’m always pleasantly surprised, which is great.

Um, so one of their new features is Canva live. Um, and so they said, engage your audience by allowing them to submit questions and comments directly into a presenter view, um, right from there, your favorite mobile device. And so what’s great about it. If you’ve ever used like Kahoot. Um, which is a presentation tool kind of for trivia or quizzes.

Um, you can log in with a special code and then you can interact with that. And so this is doing that with presentations and what I think is fantastic about it is that you can make it super interactive. So you could do a Q and a session. You can pop a question up on there and talk with that. Um, you could kind of do like a, a warmup for a presentation or a class that you’re doing.

How’s everyone doing, you know, drop your favorite. And emoji or whatever. I’m not sure the limits that it has Gibson there. That would be great. That’s what I was about to say that I was like, I don’t know if it allowed you to do that, but since it’s coming from your mobile device, it’s possible. I don’t know.

Um, but, um, I think as a former teacher, the more interactive you can make your presentation the better. And so, um, we’ve used Canva before for a presentation. Um, and it’s got some limitations where used to doing a lot of editing as video editors. Um, so we were a little bit. Uh, I mean, not as thrilled with some of the limitations, but I think for what it’s doing there, they’re continually improving it.

So I think it’s going to do really great and they have some amazing templates to use from presentation. But what takes your presentation to the next level is being able to have that interactive element. So you should totally check out Canva live.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

So another thing about Canva that came out, um, this month was their text effects.

So I’ve actually been waiting this for a long time and they have done drop shadow and some other effects

finally, with the dry really. Yes. That’s why I was laughing by the way, because it’s some very basic, basic features that are available in most even non-paid apps. Right. And so anyway, yeah, no, it’s finally, finally here

really, really well.

They did roll it out. So it’s available for all your texts. Like, I mean, it’s not just like three fonts and that’s it that you’re doing. I mean, they did it well. Um, and they have some different effects, like a drop shadow, lift neon glitch, echo, some different things that you can do. Um, I’ve been playing a lot with the neon elements.

It’s been really fun. Um, so you can definitely check out Canva if you’re not on it, you should totally should be. There’s no excuse as a small business owner. If you are that person or a marketer, this is a great tool to be using. And they’re, they’re expanding that they’re going into video editing and they have a lot of photos.

So there’s, there’s so much you can do with Canva, but the new features that you should be aware of it, this new text effects and Campbell.

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Well, and just we’ve talked about in the past, and even with her on a recent episode album, Nicole Hamilton, who was a designer, right? It’s like, this is a great.

Entry-level tool that you can use if you’re not, uh, you know, if you don’t have a lot of design experience or anything like that. And so it is one of those things of jumping into it, getting your hands dirty and they, they make it really easy to, with the templates. They have it set up that you can really kind of plug and play with your own photos, a change to your texts, your colors, your brand, brand style guides, and different things like that.

Kind of bring all of those in and really make it unique to you and your business. Uh, without having to learn Adobe Photoshop or illustrator or any of these other, you know, pretty in depth tools. So,

absolutely. And they’re also adding templates every month, which is fantastic. So you’re not going to be really running into other people that are using the same design because they only have 10 templates.

Like they have. Hundreds.

It’s kinda like word swag. Oh my gosh. We used to love some word swag back in the day. Hashtag word swag. Yeah. Words, word swag. But now it’s good to the point where it really was the only, I mean, for what it was, was, it was great. Then everybody. Found it, and then it just marketers.

We were, we were in everything.

Yeah, that’s true. Oh, there wasn’t enough ways to diversify it, to fit you. And so then it just became irrelevant. And so now, if anyone uses it, I know immediately they’re doing word swag and I’m like, wait, are you like stuck two years ago? And I’m so jealous.

She goes into a mean, girl, wait, are you so two years ago, seriously?

I mean it is. And so we love those people who are still using word swag. We just, we just want to help you. We just want to make sure that, uh, you have new tools to be able to use. Um, yeah. So I just want to hit on real quick, you talk about Campbell live. Uh, this is a great option. Uh, again, you talked about it for presenting and all that stuff.

Uh, of not having them jump between platforms, because you talked about it using Kahoot, which is a great tool, but if you’re in presentation mode, okay, now we’re doing, especially virtual now jumped to another app. Now go to this other app. Now back to the presentation. If it’s all in one, it just makes so, so seamless.

So make sure you guys try those out.


Um, okay. So my next one is Instagram again as well. Uh, it is a, uh, so I don’t know if you guys know the reds at all. I don’t know why you would. I have it and it’s completely pointless in my mind. Um, but I think they’re trying to, so. First there’s threads. But what I’m going to be talking about is basically the voice to text option in threads, which is actually really good.

Cool. Yeah, it is. Um, I think that at some point I hope that they will move it all into one app. Kind of like MTV, when it first launched, it was a completely separate app and you’re like, do I, I can view TV in my Instagram app, but I create in my IETV app and it’s kind of same thing with threads. It’s like basically built to where it’s social, like close friend network.

Um, And so I get the point of it, but that’s not what people don’t go to Instagram for that specifically, you know, to just share with your close friends. Cause you can still do that within the app too. Whenever you’re sharing a story or, or a post or anything, you can select your close friends.

I get annoyed when I have to pop over to threads because something’s in there.

Yeah. Because I get notified, Oh, Hey, somebody tagged you in something.

Yeah. It goes green. And I’m like, Oh, I really wish it was just pink.

Um, so I’m assuming, and this is just my thought of that’s where it’s going to be going, that they’re going to combine it with the app, but there’s some really cool features in there.

Especially if you’re looking at doing onscreen captions, they are, you know, they already have this basically for lyrics for music, right? The lyrics will show up on the, on your video itself. But this actually does a great job of putting the text. Really in places, at least when I use it putting in, in places where your head was not.

So they were kind of identifying where you were in the screen and making and putting the text in a really cool, just not distracting spot, which is, which is awesome. It’s a great technology, really cool. Something to use if you’re creating stories, but created in threads and then take it over and drop it into your, uh, into your Instagram app, uh, which is really sad that you have to do all that work, but it is a really cool feature.

So I’m glad they’re kind of pushing the bounds with this. I think there’s, um, Yeah, well, I have to bring this up because we met, I can’t even remember his name from Instagram works on the stories side of, of the Instagram platform. Yes, he was at megaphone. His name was Matt big shout out. He’s actually from Northwest Oregon.

He lives in California. Just had a baby. I follow him on Instagram. I just don’t remember his last name.

He has a private account. I don’t think I ever actually followed him. Um, but it was kind of funny cause he’s, uh, he’s over just like, or, or not over. I don’t want to, I don’t know what his actual position is, but he works on stories that his, his, his specific, um, offering that he works with Instagram.

And so anyway, he was just talking about it. Crap now I forgot where I was going with that. Oh my goodness. That’s so funny. Anyway, you would think that’s what it was. He said that you would think that there’s this like massive team of people and Instagram. Yeah. But there’s really no, not, I mean, there are, there are developers and there are people, I mean, they have a healthy sized team, but you’re thinking, you know, they’ve got 15,000 people working just on stories.

No, that’s not true. You know, it’s a pretty small team. So it’s interesting to see how they roll these things out. And now with that perspective, I’m like, Oh yeah, I guess just a small group of people trying things out and testing things out, um, then, then moving it to, you know, combining it with the bigger apps and the different things in the feed and whatever else.

So anyway, that was a completely useless point. And I’m so sorry off with that, but anyway, so Lauren passing it down. We’re just gonna leave that in there. Just pass it off to them. Okay.

So I’m talking about Twitter, which is a platform I really find. Pointless. Um, but, um

, this episode today is just so helpful. We, we have so many opinions that you didn’t ask for.

So you might love Twitter. And I think, um, you know, with our recent political climate, Twitter has rocketed back up just because of our president. I’m choosing to use it. So I’m sure Twitter is. Oh, yeah. In some ways thankful. Um, and so anyways, Twitter is trying to claw its way back.

And I always, I give a big shout out to those platforms that instead of just, um, you know, Keeling over that they are like, no, we’re going to fight back and we’re going to make ourselves relevant again. And so they have two new features that I think are interesting. One, um, is to tweet your voice. Um, so this is allows you to record up to 140 seconds of audio.

Um, so if you are limited by the character limit on a tweet, then you can record your own voice. And it’s kind of, it looks really cool. It’s kind of stylish and everything. I just don’t know. How many people go on to Twitter and then are going to listen to audio. That’s my, that’s my curiosity of how many people are using this feature.

How many people actually wanted it? That’s kind of the thing is where I’m like, I don’t know who wants. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But anyways, I do give him a Pat on the back for saying, Hey, you try something new and it might, you never know.

Well, I think we’ve talked about this. I mean, where voice is going in general, right?

And so if, if the. AI is going more in the search engine optimization world where it’s actually is able to analyze audio. Right. Um, I think that’s a huge factor of being able to really kind of be out in front and people searching for certain things. And you have an audio clip of that. Um, now we did talk about it and so I am not, I could legit like sit there as long as it’s like, autoplays.

Like people tweeting and just hit play and then just the next tweet and the next tweet and the next tweet. Um, no, but yeah, I think it is good as you said, good job for them for trying something new. Um, I just wonder out, so as you were talking, I was wondering, I was thinking about this. I’m like, I wonder if we could add podcast clips into that.

And it’d be like some type of tweet. Be cool. It’s just interesting watching a video right now. Lauren’s face was hilarious. Um, yeah, so I don’t know. I just always think of the possibilities of kind of reaching outside the box and I’m sure that they’ll go to, Oh, now you have a voice tweet, but now it’s an audiogram and it shows all kinds of, anyway, we’ll see.

We’ll see where it goes.

We will. So one thing that, again, I always applaud these platforms that are trying to do something different. And this one I think is pretty cool. So they came out with fleets and these are still in certain different regions and fleets, which is a weird name. Sorry. They chose a weird name.

Anyways. They chose a. To name their stories, Twitter stories are called fleets. And so they are rolling out stories, which I think is great. Um, stories have been wildly successful on platforms and it is one of the most viewed pieces of content now. And so I think it’s great that they’re putting that together, but they’ve tried, decided to come out with something called collaborative fleets.

I’m gonna read you a quote, Twitter, very own story feature has yet to be rolled out in most regions. To further rock the boat. Twitter just announced that they’re working on a collaborative fleets function. This functionality would enable two contributors to engage in co-create double bubble fleets, double bubble all the way.

And so this is a really cool idea. Yeah. That I think will come in handy when two brands engage in co-branding or collaborative campaigns. And so, um, when Brian and I were talking about this feature earlier, before we jumped on this recording is, um, The idea that two brands could come together and collaborate and we’ll actually be two little bubbles that come to yeah.

There’s you click on it, knowing it’s two brands working together, two people working together. Yeah. What I think is going to happen, unfortunately for Twitter is I totally think Instagram will take this and make it. Probably a hundred times better and they won’t name it. Double bubble fleets. Oh, Twitter.

I think it’s awesome idea. Um, you know, it kind of goes beyond that tagging ability to like, Oh, I’m going to share your story. It’s like, no, we’re going to be in a story together. But we’re apart, which I think is also really cool in quarantine times as well. So I think, I think the idea of this is fantastic.

Yeah. Oh, I completely agree. Yeah. And again, shout out to Twitter. Who’s trying to try and do that. Yeah. So you said, I mean, there are tweets and there are fleets, so I guess they were trying to make something rhyme. I don’t know why they didn’t just call it stories. I mean, it’s stories on Instagram.

Why don’t they just like continue with the bird?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s true. Maybe fleeting away. Oh,

it could be something with like a song. They could have done something better than, yeah. Double bubble fleets.

This is just the main girls episode. Basically. We are just making terrible, like. I was about to say making fun of Twitter, but anyway,

we were applauding Twitter things just saying on a branding level, we probably could have done better back into government.

That’s good. Um, Hey, I do think again, Instagram’s probably agree. Probably gonna steal it and make it a lot better. Uh, but it’s cool to see kind of new technology pushing forward type of thing. So, Oh, there’s something coming up. All right, here we go. So the last thing that we’re going to talk about real quick for me specifically, are you done?

Is that all you had? Nice. All right. So last thing. So with COVID and all of, basically the pandemic that we’ve been going through, um, I would, I’m just gonna make a ploy to you. That’s employee. No, no. I’m going to implore you. Okay, here we go. Oh man, my coffee hasn’t hasn’t hit me yet. I’m going to employ you to, uh, implore you.

Good grief. Um, so if you’re still hanging on, God bless you. Yeah. Um, I’m just going to make this challenge to you. Uh, because video itself has just blown up obviously in insane amounts, uh, during this pandemic, because everybody’s had to go virtual. So ways of connecting were obviously through video. And so, um, I think you have a great opportunity right now, especially in social media, in marketing in general.

Uh, to use video. So there are tons of video platforms out there. We’ve done lots and lots around video marketing and different tools that you can use. Uh, we recently launched a new, uh, rebroadcasted episode with Siara Braniff. Um, they use, they do YouTube and blogging and different things like that. Um, he is really even pushed that into a business, uh, portion to, to kind of promote what they’re doing.

Uh, he does a great interview with us about storytelling through video. Yeah. Good grief. I’m going to get there. I promise things. I think that it’s, it’s, it’s highly engaging right now. And so if you’re not already using video, you need to be, um, and this is again, one of the greatest times to do it. Um, I think just in general though, uh, getting out there we’ll have some resources and different things like that, but video followups and DMS, um, I’ve done that.

I’ve had success that’s myself with even talking with kind of. Higher level people who you would never actually get interactions with, but sending them a video message. Um, obviously it’s completely different, right? And it shows your personality. It shows that you’re real. And so it’s definitely a, a way of connecting with people.

But again, and through your business doing this, I mean, people are consuming more video. Um, we talked about stats and always get our stats wrong. What was the status? Warren, do you remember? 80% of video people and it like skyrocketed because of the pandemic

by the statistic, like the couple months ago was that in 20, 21, like 80% of all content will be video.

I have a feeling that will change dynamically because of the pandemic. Yeah. So will be higher or it will just. It’ll happen sooner. I have a feeling just will happen sooner. Yeah. Yeah.

So if you’re not already doing it, you should be, uh, Instagram TV is a great way to do it. So if you are, have a message or a video that is longer than a minute, there’s Instagram is pushing a lot of traffic to Instagram TV.

So it makes sure you’re uploading your videos. Um, not just under that minute. Try to go over that minute. So that’d be, it can be identified as an Instagram TV video and you can choose a lot of, you can do some cool things with your cover photos. You can do a lot with it. Inside the app too. Right. Um, and so again, there’s lots of, lots of things that are happening, especially with video, but right now, um, is the best time to be doing this because there are a lot of companies that have pulled back on their marketing budget, uh, during this time to kind of save some money, which is understandable depending on what business that you’re in.

But if you have that extra budget, Push it towards video ads, video plays take talk, like jump on all the platforms and really just test it, see what works, you know, make it worth it. I guarantee is going to be worth your time. Absolutely. Any followup on that? I mean, I’m just teasing. I rambled enough on that.

I just think, I know this is a great time to also like, be mindful of like your health and your mental health and everything, and take good breaks from social media. Cause there’s a lot going on. Um, but if you can set some hard goals to dig deep and push out because your content is going to be consumed so much more than normal times.

And so, um, it is a great time. It’s a ripe time. It’s just a hard time to also be on social media. So it’s just honest, honest feedback.

Yeah. And honestly, bring that value. Yeah. I mean, that’s, that’s huge. Give the people who are following you and make sure that you honor them by giving them value and not just something else to consume.

Right. Right. So, um, all right. Well, Hey challenge this week. Make sure that you tag us in your first real user video skills and tag us in that we really want to see it and see what you’re creating. Um, but make sure you go follow us over on [email protected], all the blog, the blog, and all the show notes and everything will be there.

All the links and stuff that we’ve talked about today will be there. So very excited. Hey, and, uh, I guess until next time, see you later.

You ready for rapid fire? I am ready for rapid fire. Let’s rock and roll. Alright. If everyone in the world had to get married, when they reached a certain age, what would that age be? Oh goodness. Um, I think what talking 32 32 32. Okay. We’ll go with that because, um, we’ve had this conversation before, but dudes are just stupid until 21 and are just stupid in general.

But, um, I think it’s physical. You’d like your brain doesn’t stop forming until 25. And so at 25, and I just think for my personal self it’s like, you kind of go through like career moves and. Family and whatever else. And so get married at that 30 to 32 32, I’m going to say 32, maybe 33, your ministry year.

That was Jesus’s ministry year. I felt like I needed to do something when I was 33. I was like, can I do something big? This is my, this is my year right now. How to make big plans or something didn’t happen. Uh, I would say around 25. So I’m going a little bit younger, but out of college, a couple of years, you kind of are on your path.

I think it’s fun. I say fun. It’s fun. It’s whatever, but no, um, it’s awesome to be kind of coupled with them ready to like, launch into like those here’s where you’re really carving out your path. So I think that’s pretty cool, but I will say. Like in your thirties, you tend to have a little bit more understanding of who you are and what you want.

And so I could see it being a better time to get it’s like for a spouse and what, like, you need to figure out like, Oh, Hey, all those things I cared about in high school definitely don’t matter. Who cares that we listen to the same music when you’re married. It doesn’t matter. No, it doesn’t matter at all.

That’s such a big deal in high school and college like, Oh, they’re into my senior year. I mean, I say that and I got married at 21. Yeah. I got married at 29. There we go. Okay. So again, dudes, get married. Find a girl is 25 and get married at 33 or 32. It was worked out perfectly great. Marriage advice.

Alright, next question. What’s your favorite carb bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes? Um, bread. If it’s store T is I eat a lot of tacos. I love tacos so much. Oh, that’s your half at four tacos this week. Shout out tacos for life. We’ll tag you in the show. If we’re into the show friend of the show. Yeah. It’s been on the show tacos for life.

My favorite taco joints. Uh, yeah, we’ll link to that too. But anyway, uh, yeah. So what about you potatoes for sure. I really enjoy potatoes. Um, we like to do it with grilled chicken. We do roasted potatoes. I just, there’s a lot of things I like to make homemade French fries and different things. There’s a lot of fun things you can do with potatoes.

I know they’re not great for you, but Oh, they’re delicious. I just, one of my favorite, I could probably just eat curly fries and catch up for a meal. Branch would be mine, but I don’t like ketchup. It’s gross. You like ranch though? 11 branches way grosser than catch-up true. Or the logic breaks down. Hey.

Alright. We’re out. Uh . The ankle has landed.


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