[FOUNDER SERIES] Tyler Carroll of TC Printing

GoRogue Podcast Episode: TC Printing Host: Bryan Fittin & Loren Lewis Guest: Tyler Carroll On this episode Bryan & Loren are joined by Tyler Carroll, owner of TC Screen Printing

[00:05:53] What are you obsessed with this week?

Tyler’s Obsession – Tik Tok Loren’s Obsession – Asana Bryan’s Obsession – Facebook Marketplace

[00:16:32] What was it like to start expanding especially with a referral based networking plan vs a paid marketing campaign?

Marketing equals = ads, we need these people to buy this. Networking for us is getting plugged into networks of networks.

[00:23:10] Tell us a little about your onsite screen printing.

We have miniature versions of our productions house equipment and we can go onsite to events anywhere in the nation which is great for social media engagement to print and post on instagram, facebook, etc.

[00:26:36] What about your job and company inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

I feel an incredible responsibility for the people that choose to work for us. I get out of bed because we have a lot of people to serve and that’s not the people that are buying from us, it’s the people that are working for us.

[00:32:50] What is your big thing? What makes you guys unique? Post production that we offer on garments. You can get things done here that are retail ready.

[00:41:43] How are you utilizing social media to help your brand?

We are really trying to become a lifestyle for lifestyle brands. The idea is that when you buy from our company you are buying into this culture. For us, capturing those real moments throughout the day is important. We’ve worked a lot with the voice that comes across. We want to highlight employees, product and process.

[00:44:37] – What are next steps for you? Where do you see the company going? Beyond expansion, we want to add more locations. We have our Arkansas shirt of the month club launching in late October.

[00:51:39] Rapid fire questions

Quotes from the Episode:

“I don’t go to traditional networking events because I feel like that’s just a bunch of people handing out business cards saying ‘here you go throw this away” [00:17:14]

“Its about paying attention to conversations and seeking out the places you want to do business with.” [00:20:52]

“If your people are getting the things they need for it to be the best job they’re ever had they just serve your clients that much better.” [00:30:00]

“Company culture is a big piece of creating that environment where people want to come to work.” [00:31:57]