Email Marketing is NOT Dead

Host: Bryan Fittin & Loren Lewis

Guest: Blake Puryear

On this episode Bryan and Loren is joined by Blake Puryear of the eCommerce platform brand ENGINE

[00:01:13] – Background of ENGINE

[00:02:00] – What are you obsessed with this week?

  • Blake – Disney+
  • Loren – SnackCrate
  • Bryan – TSA PreCheck

[00:07:15] – Email Marketing Misconceptions – because of social you don’t need email marketing

– you don’t get the engagement levels

[00:08:03] – What would you say to people that don’t think email marketing works anymore?

– Try it out first, see the results for yourself – one of the most trackable, easy to analyze advertising mediums

– you can express your brand with more freedom and creativity

[00:09:15] – What are some “do’s” and “don’ts” for those starting out in the world of email marketing?

– Don’t go out and buy email lists

– Do, pick a modern email platform that will grow with you. Ex. MailChimp, Klaviyo, or ConvertKit

[00:11:43] – What are some feature you should definitely have when shopping for an email platform?

– Email Capture
 – Segmentation – Workflow automation

[00:12:50] – If you don’t know anything about email marketing what are differences between Klaviyo and MailChimp?

– An easy association is that MailChimp is duplo bocks and Klaviyo is Lego

[00:13:22] – Nest steps after acquire email platform? – Setting up your email capture on your website (pop-up, embedded form, ask)

[00:15:07] – What strategies should you be employing in 2019

– do not do a daily newsletter/sum up…everyone will unsubscribe

– if you don’t have something to say, don’t do a weekly newsletter

– do make up a welcome series of 3-4 emails over 5-6 days – welcome series

1. introduce your brand from a very high level: big images, logo, typography, introduce what you are about

2. Talk about services you offer and what makes them different from everyone else.

3. Offer or call to action. (Make sure your platform has the tools to say, if customer hasn’t opened email 1 and email 2 not to send email 3.

– dynamic content is crucial

[00:24:49] – You’re a young business, starting out, you have your welcome series. What are the next steps?

– Figure out how you can start segmenting that audience. Start to build out your hot customer, cold customer, warm customer then you can their profile and shape what you send out to what they are

[00:26:05] – What is a good open rate?

– It is highly variable depending on the type of audience you are sending to. What really matter is the click through rate. Open rate is a vanity metric. If you are sending to a couple dozen thousand 14-15% is a great open rate but as the audience varies

[00:26:54] – What are some things that you think people should definitely do?

– Test your emails, always be testing and optimizing to the times of day, your subject line, what list your sending to, font colors, etc.

Quotes from the Episode:

“A whopping 59% or B to B marketers report that email marketing is their most effective channel for generating revenue and marketers continue to find ways to innovate.” [00:07:47]

“Email is a way to end up in someone phone or on their desktop multiple times a week for little cost.”[00:08:18]

“If your open rate is broken, don’t look at content inside your email at all. Look at your subject line.” [00:17:42]


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