Booking your Dream Guest for your Podcast


In this episode of Rogue Creators, Bryan and Loren talk about finding the right guests for your podcast. They take a deep dive into the importance of guests, how to find the best guests for your show, how to book guests, and why you need to be promoting your guests! If you host a podcast or are interested in hosting a podcast, you do not want to miss this episode!


(2:17) What are you obsessed with?

(6:38) Finding the right guest for your podcast

(8:43) Defining your four pillars

(9:36) Asking someone to be on your podcast

(17:02) Promoting your guests

(21:21) Rapid Fire

“We want to make sure that who we have on our show is not going to waste your time. We want to make sure that, you know, you’re giving that to us right now, like you’re listening to our podcast. We want to honor your time and make sure that’s valuable for you.” (7:56)

“For some people, you know, it’s going to be from the intimidation perspective that they’ve never been on a podcast. Like you’re going to have to convince them. Other people, it’s a time issue. Why should I give up my time to be on your show? And so including that reason in there. This is how our show will bring value for you and your audience that you’re working with.” (11:04)

Booking Your Dream Guest for Your Podcast

When we talk with people about starting a podcast, we quickly arrive at a discussion about what the show will be about. What is the purpose of the show, and what will the hosts discuss to meet this purpose? To ensure that the hosts do not run out of content after a few episodes, it is helpful to have a list of 30-50 topics that can be the basis for an episode of their show. Another practical way to generate content for your podcast is to bring on guests. These can be experts in your industry, potential clients, or people with an exciting story to tell. But how do you go about finding the right people to be on your podcast?

Who Is Right for My Show?

As you set out on your search for guests, it is crucial to find people who bring value to your listeners. We recommend establishing your four pillars for your show, or four categories of topics that your podcast will be focusing on. Once you have defined your four pillars, ensure that you book guests for each pillar rather than focusing on one or two pillars while ignoring the rest.

It is imperative that your guests add value to your show. Your audience gives up their time to listen to each episode, and you want to make sure that you are honoring their time by offering them some sort of value in each episode.

It can help to look for guests who have experience being on podcasts, television, or other videos. These people typically already understand what it feels like to be recorded or on camera, and this experience can be invaluable. You never know how someone will react to being recorded, and having previous experience means that you will not have to worry about this with your guests.

How do I Book Guests?

While these services are excellent tools, alternative solutions exist. One way to find potential guests is to connect with other podcasters in your field. Cross-promoting and collaborating on episodes with each other not only provides you with a new guest but it also offers exposure for your show that you might not otherwise have. Authors also make great guests, as they are looking to promote their book, and they are experts in their field.

Contacting these potential guests is often quite simple. Reaching out through email can be effective, but utilizing social media often offers good results. Sliding into a potential guest’s DMs on Instagram has proven to be effective, and we have found that using video messages helps you stand out from the crowd.

Promote Your Guests!

Now that you have vetted and booked guests, it is absolutely imperative to promote their appearance on your podcast! So many podcasters bring on amazing guests and never promote the episode, and this is a travesty. Among many other things, guests offer your show legitimacy and exposure, and if you do not promote their appearance, you are wasting that opportunity. So, how do you go about promoting their episodes?

Utilizing social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your podcast. Post in your stories, and tag your guests so that they can share your story. Plug your guests in your email lists! Ask your guests for a headshot and a short bio, and use that to create content that promotes your guests’ appearance on your show.

Finding guests for your show often seems challenging, but with these tips, you can book the guest of your dreams!