Are you Repurposing Your Content? – with Hani Mourra of

In this episode, Bryan and Loren talk with Hani Mourra, creator of Repurpose allows you to turn one piece of long-form content into 20-25 pieces of short-form content automatically. It syncs across multiple platforms and possesses an automatic post function, enabling you to schedule your promotional content for the week. Bryan, Loren, and Hani talk about the benefits of Repurpose, as well as the value of recycling long-form content by adapting it for short-form social media platforms.


(00:20) Intro

(2:07) Introduction to Hani Mourra and

(9:49) The basics of repurposing content

(16:21) What types of content are the most shareable?

(22:32) Hani’s advice to small business owners looking to dive into podcasts/videos

(26:58) What’s coming up next for Repurpose

(28:10) Wrap up

(31:00) Rapid Fire



“Don’t feel like you have to create content every single day. You’re creating maybe once a week, or maybe you’re doing it in batch for the whole month, but don’t get into the cycle of feeling like I’m always behind.” (14:54)

“If you can then just create once and then it automatically promotes for you, I mean you’re obviously able to then focus on the next thing.” (15:28)

“Don’t be discouraged when you go live. Even if nobody’s there. Hey, you just created a video. Done. You just record it, done. And then you can repurpose that into 20, 25 pieces of content relatively easily.” (26:27)

Are you Repurposing Your Content?

In this episode, Bryan and Loren have a chat with Hani Mourra, creator of Repurpose is a convenient and accessible automation platform that helps you grow your online presence without having to do the tedious work of modifying and uploading your content to multiple social media platforms.

Do you find yourself discouraged and uninspired by the time it takes to publish your content to the multitude of websites and platforms required to reach a full spectrum of consumers? Repurpose saves you from all of these frustrations by reformatting and modifying your content for you. On top of this, it can publish your content across scores of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and podcast apps.

This handy tool will have you turning your long-form feature content into short-form promotional content with ease. By putting in a little bit of time on the front end to establish where and in what form your content is sent, as well as what titles and timestamps you want to be included, you can save yourself loads of time on the backend to be creative or run your business.

Bryan, Loren, and Hani also discuss the importance of repurposing your content, what makes content shareable, and advice they would give to small business owners looking to create content.

The value in repurposing content

Do you feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of creating content, posting it to your podcast or Youtube channel, and then immediately creating more content? Try repurposing the content you have already made. Often, that content can be modified to create 20-25 pieces of shorter form content, whether that is converting a video to an audio platform or chopping up a 15-minute video into ten 30-second clips that are shareable across many social media platforms. Repurposing your content will not only provide you with free marketing and promotional content, but it will also save you time to get back to being creative or running your business.

“Don’t feel like you have to create content every single day. You’re creating maybe once a week, or maybe you’re doing it in batch for the whole month, but don’t get into the cycle of feeling like ‘I’m always behind. I’ve got to make a video today.’ The problem is if you feel you’re in that rat-race, your content is not going to be that great. You’re going to be forcing content out just for the sake of content. And that’s not going to help your audience. ” (14:54)

What makes content shareable?

The key to making shareable content is engaging your audience. While it is essential to stop your audience’s scroll to see your content, you must engage them and hold their attention. Consumers prefer shorter content, and a progress bar on the bottom of a video is a great way to show them that the video is short. Captions are also an effective way of grabbing and holding your followers’ attention.

Advice for small business owners

Are you a small business owner interested in generating content and promoting your business, but you feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start? We suggest starting with video. It is an excellent way of grabbing your audience’s attention, and it can easily be converted to audio to use it across multiple platforms. Utilizing live videos, such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live, are excellent places to start for first-timers. By going live, you allow yourself the space to make mistakes. Much like in a conversation, no one expects perfection from someone in a live video, while there are higher standards for edited video. This will keep your creation time short.