6 Videos Your Business Needs

Videos can be an extraordinarily useful tool in marketing. In fact, Wyzowl found that 80% of video marketers say video directly helped increase sales in 2019. We’ve broken down what we believe are the six most useful videos your business should have. 

Event Videos are a great way to jump into video marketing. These videos are relatively easy to shoot and edit without an expert’s help. The goal of these videos is to highlight what’s happening, what you did, and an event’s success. Event videos can be a great launch point to engage with your larger audience. 

Expert Interviews can build trust and authority with your audience. The key to these interviews is making sure it’s valuable to your listeners. “We’re very big on bringing experts in to do the podcasting with you. Because that establishes some credibility with you, but also people can know that it’s not just your insight that they’re getting, but they’re getting a lot of outside insight as well.” Having expert guests discuss relevant topics can help build vital credibility for your brand.

Educational Videos can be used to teach your audience something new, or build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand your business. This may be something like a video on what an initial consultation would look like. These videos decrease nervousness and give potential customers confidence to click the button or make that first call.

Live Videos offer your audience a way to authentically engage with your business. The draw to live videos is the engagement it offers. Viewers will interact up to 8.1 times longer with a live video, versus a pre-recorded video. “It kinda goes back to that fact that there’s a fear of missing out. There’s that photo. If I don’t watch this now, in the back of our minds, we’re like, well, I can watch it later. But will I watch it later? No, I probably need to get this information now.” 

Personalized Messages are a creative way to continue a conversation or respond to someone via email or text. Using a software like Loom, you can send a quick thank you or update in video format. “Think of the value that you feel and the connection that you feel with somebody when they would take the time to do [send a personalized message] that. That just blew me away.” Personalized messages are quickly becoming a standard of interaction. Hopping on the train now will give you a leg up later on. 

Explainer Videos can be time and resource consuming, but can also launch your business to a new level. Creators use all specific brand colors and messaging to create an animated video that explains precisely what your business does. When executed well, an explainer video will have your viewer engaged the entire time and walking away with no questions about your purpose.

Although there are many ways to market your brand well, few methods are as effective as video marketing. This quickly evolving marketing alley is vital in engaging your audience and keeping them coming back.

Show Notes

[00:01:28] What are you obsessed with?

Bryan – Texas Metal

Loren – Stranger Things Trailer

[00:07:50] Event Videos

[00:09:56] Expert Interviews

[00:12:59] Educational / How-To Videos

[00:15:03] Live Videos

[00:18:15] Personalized Messages

[00:24:34] Explainer Video

[00:28:50] Rapid Fire

Show Quotes

“We’re very big on bringing experts in to do the podcasting with you. Because that establishes some credibility with you, but also people can know that it’s not just your insight that they’re getting, but they’re getting a lot of outside insight as well.” [00:11:05] 

“It kinda goes back to that fact that there’s a fear of missing out. There’s that photo. If I don’t watch this now, in the back of our minds, we’re like, well, I can watch it later. But will I watch it later? No, I probably need to get this information now.” [00:15:46]

“Think of the value that you feel and the connection that you feel with somebody when they would take the time to do [send a personalized message] that. That just blew me away.” [00:22:30]



Anybody with a phone, like there’s editing software on your phone that you can do this with. Um, there’s a lot of, this is an easy way to really kind of get into, um, not necessarily creating video documented.

Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome back to the go rogue podcast. My name is Brian Fitton. Is the podcast dedicated to doing marketing differently, whether you’re a small business owner or a marketer, somebody like that, who’s just trying to give value, right? And build a brand for themselves before asking for a sale.

Right. Lauren Lewis? That is correct. Yeah. We’ve got Lauren Lewis on the microphone today. Very excited to be back in the studio recording. I’m trying to bring some value to you. So today we’re going to be talking about the videos you should have as a business. So what types of videos? So how many are we talking about?

Six types of videos, and I’m very excited to jump in all these. Um, this was actually a really, really good resource. Um, I know for a lot of small businesses, but then also just for, you know. Person, personal branding as well as there’s all kinds of things you could use these videos for. So absolutely. It’s going to be really good.

So anyway. All right, well, Hey, let’s jump in.

Oh, Nope. We’re not going to, we’re not

going to jump in because we like to start with something fun. I’m just excited to talk. So all these, all these videos, so we like to start with something fun. What is that, Lauren?

We always start our episodes with, what are you obsessed with this week?

So Brian. Yes. What are

you obsessed? Oh man, we were just talking about it. Uh, so recently we went on, we have a separate club that we have had now for, it’s our fourth year, so a group of friends every single month for four years straight or three years straight. We are going in fourth year, three years straight.

We have done, okay. A supper every single month at different everybody’s houses. So it rotates. And then whoever’s hosting cooks everything kind of more of a, an elaborate meal. And we enjoy as kind of trying new things and hanging out. And then also just making sure we all hang out as friends. And so it’s been great.

So this year we actually took a retreat to just a cabin on the Lake and it was a lot of fun. Well. We were all just very big on like doing things for ourselves, right? And so I never watch cable TV, but basically that’s all that was available. So sat down by myself, hanging out, watching cable TV and uh, came across a show called Texas metal, which is a custom truck building show.

And if you knew me, Lawrence lash, if you knew me back in the day, I had an air ride truck that was like low to the ground, customized I, that was my, I loved it as a teenager, I was obsessed with all of that. So you were so cool. As I’ve gotten older. I was cool. As I’ve gotten older, I have a kind of gotten out of that.

Obviously, you know, trends and things change and your priorities change. So anyway, watching this show kind of brought back all the nostalgia and all the things and it’s just super cool to watch. Um, it’s extensive Metalworks out of Houston. That’s the show is based around and they just build some amazing, amazing trucks, show trucks.

And so it just cars and different things like that. But, um, so anyway, so now every night I’ve been able to like go home and like binge watch. Like multiple episodes and I am so happy. I am just so happy. So I’ve knocked out like two seasons. Wow. Yeah. I say that there are only like six episodes and they’re shorter commercials, so it’s like 35 minutes or something.

But anyway, still, they’re just amazing. So I’m. I’m all in it. I even showed my wife, like she was all in two. We watched them last night. She’s like, she’s loves it. I have some type of like hobby now. Like it’s bringing me some joy. Like it’s not just business stuff. It’s like this has zero to do with anything else in my life other than just that.

I, I love it. So there you go. Texas metal, extensive metal work and we’re going to give a shout out to them because bill and the, uh, the team down there, they’re pretty awesome. That’s awesome.

Yeah. I’m glad you have a hobby.

By the way, somebody mentioned that. I’ve mentioned that I needed a hobby. We talked about this day, no coin.

I was like, I was like, Hey guys, I need a new hobby. And everybody laughed at me because we have multiple businesses work things and volunteers. Foster care adoption, podcasts. Yeah. So anyway, I found my little hobby and someday I’ll own the amazing custom truck that I’m going to take my kids to car shows with.

That’s my, that’s now my goal.

It’s so crazy because that’s, I think I would never say that you would want to do

most. Most would not. I agree. It’s crazy. Yeah. I’ll say a rap career. We’ll talk about that in the next episode anyway. All right. What was your, what are you obsessed with Lauren?

So I am a big stranger things fan.

And they dropped seizures for a teaser trailer, which had the big question everyone was asking, which has created a lot of buzz,

Larry, by the way.

Yeah. Um, which created a lot of buzz of if they were stupid in doing that, just because, well, now your question, main question was. Answered right before you even started watching stranger things season before.

So do you think people expected that? I mean, I expect it so hop, hop is dead. Like you’re like, he’s dead,

right? Um, yeah. I mean. He’s like the glue in that show. So for me, I felt like there’s no, and I didn’t like show him like being blasted apart. Right? Like, so you kind of were like, and they kind of teased at the end with it, like the Russian jail.

Right. And like the American, so I kind of, yes, I did assume, but it was kind of like, you kind of wanted it to like

drag on a little bit more.

I don’t know. But it made me very excited. I’m excited about season four. Um, they’re out of Hawkins, so Russia, so, well, we’re

not true. We’ll see what, I’m just saying that the trailer itself, right?

So there’s like all kinds of video. You guys should go, if you’re a stranger things fan, there’s all kinds of videos like breaking down the trailer. Oh my gosh. The multiple, so apparently they’d like to song they’re playing. The song is like very meaningful and like a Russian, like. Anthem song and talking about like the history of like when they’re building this railroad, why they would build it in the middle of winter and like, Oh, and what the cargo ships that maybe are taking it.

I mean, it’s all

going to sit and watch season three. Yeah. Oh, okay. I thought you hadn’t watched Danny calm

down. I’m not, I’m not a big fan. I mean, I’m a fan, but I’m not like, Oh no. Okay. That’s, that’s what

I think is crazy cause it’s all the pop culture stuff. Yeah. You would think she’d be like all into


She has too many shows. Okay. I just watched stuff without her now.

Priorities. Yeah.

We used to watch it all together. Of course we didn’t have anything or kids or anything else to do. So

it makes it easier. So you can watch. What is your show called?

I don’t know.

You just talked

about it. Oh, Texas medal. I thought you meant like our show, like back in the day, what was our show was grim and we had all these other shows here.


Anyway. All right, so you should totally check out the stranger things season four trailer.

Absolutely. You should. And Texas metal on motor trend

network. Now I have to look up all the Russian stuff.

Yeah, it’s interesting. Okay, so they did good. Did a good job with their video. Yes. As you need to do good jobs with your videos as well.

Yeah, yeah. Let’s talk about that.

Absolutely. So today we’re gonna be talking about six types of marketing videos that will benefit your business and your customers or future customers because it will only help elevate your brand as well as giving the information that your customers need. So we wanted to talk about six different types.

There’s more than six types. We just selected six types to focus on. Um, cause I think we talk a lot about how you need video. And so you can go, okay, I just need to make more video, but we obviously encourage you to be strategic behind it. So that’s what the point of this episode today is to talk about six ways you can use different videos or six different types of videos to elevate your business.

Absolutely. Yeah. So let’s jump into the very first one. Yeah. Which is event videos. Right.

Awesome. So. What can you do with event videos, Brian?

Event videos, you can do a lot with them actually. Um, there are really lots of ways to like mainly documents, so this isn’t one of those ones that it’s kind of an easy setup, right?

Yeah. If you have somebody, and I w I would definitely encourage you to find a video editor or somebody that you can really send just basic video or yourself. Even these, some of these event videos are really easy to create for yourself because all you’re doing is documenting. You’re basically telling a story and you’re documenting the.

The event itself. So it’s like, Hey, here’s a walkup. Here’s, we talked about establishing shots, right? I’m walking up. You can do this with your phone, walking up to the building. Hey, we’re having this event. Here’s a picture of the sign. We’re going to have videos and people walking in. Big smiling faces.

Everybody’s having fun. Now we get to the meat of the event. You could even have some audio laid over that of like somebody speaking at the event. Um, these are like the good event recap. Type videos that you can do, which I, again, anybody with a phone, like there’s editing software on your phone that you can do this with.

Um, there’s a lot of, this is an easy way to really kind of get into, um, not necessarily creating video, but documenting what’s happening. Right.

Yeah, absolutely. I think, um. One thing, if you’re maybe a little bit larger business that might be hosting a conference, um, you definitely want to document that and there might be a lot of resources that are being presented.

So recording those presenters, that’s a great way to do that. Um, another way would be a round table discussion of actually within your event. So maybe it’s a multi day event and so having some, you know, if you have some great speakers coming in for your event and you absolutely should sit down and talk with them.

Um, and so, um. Being able to record that and doesn’t, again, it doesn’t have to be this big formal studio set up. Obviously. That’s great if you can hire a team to come in and help you, make sure you have professional footage of that, but if you can’t do that, at least recording that on your phone and having those fun little interactions that document what a great.

Conference you put on you, you know, you really should reward yourself for, you know, putting on something so great.

Right? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, and I, like I said before, this is an easy transition one too. I mean, this is something that is easy to get into. You don’t have to, like I said, hire somebody out to do this.

I think it’s very, very user friendly to start doing that. And we’ve talked about this before, Instagram stories, and we talked about going live on camera. Instagram stories are a good way to start with that to even see, and you can save those stories as well. And. Do a little montage. Yeah,

absolutely. Okay.

Well, it leads really actually well into the second one. Thinking about expert interviews, and this is something we’re actually really passionate about, echo rogue, and we’re all about bringing value and bringing education to our audience. And so we love to bring in experts to talk about particular topics.

So how can I just irregular business. Utilize expert interviews.

So if you’re doing specifically like kind of even roll this into the event, right? You have people who are either interested in what you’re talking about or what your goals are, and so you can have somebody who maybe is the speaker of the event, uh, bring them on and interview them about that topic, right?

Um. We do this a lot with podcasts, and we’re very big on like bringing experts in to do the podcasting with you, um, because that only establishes some credibility with you. Uh, but also people can know that it’s not just, not just your insight that they’re getting, but they’re getting a lot of outside inside as well.

Outside inside. There you go. That was good. Yeah. Um, and so it is one of those things that I think that’s with the expert interview, setting those things up, making sure that your target audience is going to be something valuable to them. Um, you know, we talk about the four pillars before that’s referenced in a previous episode.

Make sure you go back through because there are, there are certain things that you want to hit on, um, in your videos, in your content, um, in your podcast and all the stuff that you’re doing in order to make sure that, uh, that’s gonna resonate with your audience.

Absolutely. And I think what’s great, we really recommend expert interviews, um, for, especially for B2B businesses because you can, you guys have, um, commonality and you guys can share and talk about those things.

And so bring on an expert to say, you know, you love to, to bring up plumbing as your favorite example industry.

Absolutely. Big shout outs. Roger Wakefield, by the way.


The expert plumber.

Yes. So I mean, you, you have a plumbing business, bring on. Roger Wakefield. Yeah. Yeah. Um, to talk about how do you other proof of your home, you know, for winter months when it might freeze over, you know, how can you do those kinds of things and having that, you know, it’s not going to hurt your business, only going to help and build trust in your audience, that you’re willing to bring them the education that they need.

And if they so trust you, they might choose you to.

Yeah, absolutely. Yup. No, I think that’s fantastic. And that, again, that only establishes your credibility. That you have these resources, you are specifically that your business is a source to go to for any type of experts, um, or content or anything, any type of, they know that they’re going to get some value when they, when they go to your business page or Instagram or, or LinkedIn, whatever it is.

Yeah. Yep. That’s good.

Yup. So our next one, they’re kind of either educational or how to videos. Totally felt like shit’s


Um, uh, but, uh, how to videos are really great if you’re trying to highlight a product or if there’s a particular, um, with your service that you want to, um, highlight. For our customers that might have, particularly, they have the same question over and over about something making a how to video, or maybe it’s like, how do you fill out this patient.

Um, paperwork, you know, form an account with us. You know, how you in the beginning steps, you know, what it might look like if you, um, get a co, uh, would it be consultation with us? You know, this is what’s going to look like. And those kinds of how to videos can really help. Um, your customers kind of not feel as much nervousness.

And as. They feel more confident when they click a button or they call you, this is what’s going to happen.

Yeah, absolutely. Well, and that’s, I mean, going through, we all want to know, before we were working with somebody, right? We want to know what the experience is going to be like. And so we read reviews, we get word of mouth.

And how did you feel about this? Did you like this company that you were working with? Because. There’s so many things that, that are appearing on some type of website or whatever. Everybody looks great, right? And so you really want to know what the experience is going to be like. And so a lot of times that is good for these frequently asked questions, right?

So on your frequently asked questions page, which you should have, um, they’re there. I mean, just think of the impact of being able to have just a basic video. I’m just saying, Hey, we have a lot of people asking about, um, you know, or, Hey, here’s how to fill out, like you said, this, this paperwork, right? Um, this is the steps you need to go through.

Super easy make, and if you have any questions, give us a call. It’s just one of those things that just kind of ease is that you’re trying to bring a lot of comfort and peace to somebody to know that, Hey. They’re going to take care of me when I go there. And so, um, having those educational videos are out there.

And even what’s nice is you can even have those listed on YouTube. Um, you can have those, I mean, really anywhere. So any, somebody could find that video and that might be an entry point for them to do business with you. And they didn’t even know who you were.

Absolutely. Yup. That’s awesome. Yeah. All right.

So one that we are incredibly passionate about is live video. Yes. Yes. Other things, Brian, why should they be going live?

I think you should read some of the stats on that too. Okay. We have some good stats.

I have one particular


but this is, this is actually is increased. So this has been a statistic that’s actually been increasing.

So important that viewer spent up to 8.1 times longer with live video than any other type of video.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s crazy.

So they are more willing to be engaged with that video then just a regular video would produce. Um, so just kind of tells you that this is the type of video your customers are wanting to consume.

Yeah, absolutely. Well, and it kinda goes back to that fact that it’s like there’s a fear of missing out. There’s that photo. Yeah. So it’s like, if I don’t watch this now, like in our back of our minds, we’re like, well, I can watch it later, but will I watch it later? No, I probably need to get this information now.

Yeah. Right. And so going live, and especially, I mean, we have a whole training on this, so let us know if you would like to have some of that training, but it, it basically goes through of like how to structure live videos so that way you can make sure you’re engaging with the people who are coming on.

You can make sure to know, you know, those replay viewers as well. Right? I’m making sure to address them and where they should go and how they should interact with you. And it’s very step-by-step because the biggest thing about live video is people want to interact with you on that. And so that’s why, I mean, that number is crazy to me, that it’s that many times more, um, that people are engaging with live video.

But I enjoy it. If somebody is just going live, it’s like, Oh, Hey, they can see me. I’ve do. They see me that I’m here. Oh, Hey, I’m going to comment, like I’m going to interact way more because I don’t know what I don’t know. Basically, you know. The structure of the videos. I don’t know if it’s a just prerecorded video.

I know that they’re not, nobody’s really gonna interact with me. You may reply to my comment, but I know for a fact with the live video, you’re going to see it in the moment. Right,

right. I think for me, like I’m not attracted to live video as much for interaction. It’s more that like when it pops up, it’s like, Oh, I’ve been wanting to like.

Learn about that or something like that. And so, um, it’s, it’s also gets a lot more notice because of the notifications. Like this company just went live and everything, and you’re kind of more engaged in that as well. And I think what’s really cool is we’ve talked about event videos. We’ve talked about expert interviews, educational, how to videos, all of those can be done live.

Um, and I think. Specifically, event videos are really a great time to go live where you can like walk in, Hey, I’m walking into the event venue, look at all the things that are going. You can see the people in the background cause people are engaged. They want to know what’s happening now. And I think that’s really cool.

Another one that I love is when people go live behind the scenes. Yeah. It’s super cool. Maybe your favorite restaurants and the things that you’re getting into the kitchen and they’re there now. And I think that’s super cool. Yeah. Um, and so, uh, there. Really, the idea is to go live, like are kind of endless.

Um, but it is definitely the video content that you really should be investing in.

Well, and even ours, we did a live podcast recording and we do that every once in a while. Um, because even with that and engaged, we got way more engagement from that than I’ve seen in a long time, simply for the fact too that, um.

Facebook, Instagram, all these, all these platforms are pushing live video, so that’s something you definitely need to be aware of. It’s like, what are they honing in on? Right? What are they a constantly, it may be annoying. It’s like, Oh man, this stuff keeps popping up, you know, messenger stuff or whatever.

Take notes, uh, of pay attention to those things that, that Facebook is trying to push to you or Instagram is trying to push to you because. They’re doing that to everybody. So if you can somehow with your business be like, Hey, they’re paying attention to live video, uh, I’m going to be going live a lot more, because that means they’re going to be more eyes on your business because Facebook and the algorithm is automatically can push that content out.

Absolutely. Yup. Yup.

Awesome. So a unique one that I’m excited to you for you to explain a little bit is personalized messages. So we’re seeing a lot of people experiment with this, of how to respond to your customers, basically almost one-to-one, a lot of times with a personalized video message, which sounds very daunting.

It’s actually not as daunting as you would think. So tell us a little bit about that brand.

So there are a couple of different, um. Platforms and tools out there that are really creative for this. And I apologize, there’s one that we’re going to hit on. There’s another one, I cannot think of the name of it, and I apologize for it.

Um, it’s not the husband on video, but that’s okay. Uh, we’ll put it in the show notes. Ooh. So make sure to check out our blog and go rogue x.com. We’ll make sure to put that there. So, secret. Tool. This is awesome. Um, okay, so the, one of the big things is, uh, being able to, in the moment, right, whenever you’re receiving a proposal, you’re receiving some type of interaction from a business.

Just imagine the impact that it would have if all of a sudden there was a personalized video that, that came along with them. Um, so one of our friends, friend of the show, uh, mr Brad Alexander. When working with us and doing our messaging, he sent over a video that was him saying, Hey, this is your brand messaging guide.

I wanted to walk through it. And so actually a software like loom can actually show your face in the bottom hand or wherever you want to put it. Um, and it can be a screen share as well. So you can be going through the document with your face right there, talking, saying, Hey, this, okay on this page. This is what you’re really going to look at from this page.

I’ve done this now with proposals and different things that we put out there. Um. It’s, it’s a definitely a way of like interacting, seeing the face of, of that person rather than just kind of, even though you may know them, getting an email from them is completely different than getting a personalized video.

Absolutely. I think it’s also, it can be a time saver. It’s a, you can save a meeting time. Not that you don’t want to meet with those people, but if you’re having to meet with several people about, you know, something that could have been as simple as.

Symbolized, symbolized,

simplified, uh, video message. Um, and really getting to the meat of what they actually are needing to know.

Like, this is so much better and cause they can go back and also replay it.

Think of the value that you’re bringing to a potential client by saying, Hey, we don’t have to set up a call. We don’t have to go there. And there’s, there’s a whole sales process that some people agree, some people don’t. But this is like, Hey, I want to get you the information.

I’m going to bring it to you the easiest way that I know how, rather than saying, Hey, let’s go schedule an hour call, then we’re going to go through all this stuff. Um, that just, that seems like it just goes on and on and on and trying to figure out times. I mean, we’re living in an on demand world. We’re living in and on demand world where it’s like people want to be able to access information when they want to.

So give them that option. Still follow up with them, right? But giving them that option to, uh, to be able to watch is one of the other things I want to notate and this is, this is going to be that other tool that I can’t think of the name of it. Um, but, uh, Patrion, uh, uh, we talked about, we’ve talked about Patriot on several times, but it’s basically a platform that people can donate money or get, uh, basically give you money for the creative services that you offer, like a podcast or YouTube video or something like that.

One of the things that I’ve noticed, so there’s a creator that’s whenever he gets a new Patrion or patron. Uh, whenever he gets a new one, it notifies him and he’s able to immediately send them a personalized note. Like, Hey, John, just sign up for your $5 a month package. He can then click this app. It’s automatically set up to where it notifies him of that.

And he can record in that moment, say, Hey John, thanks so much. Hey, I’m at the grocery store. I now, I just want to let you know how important it is to me, how much it means to me that you’re supporting me monthly. Um, you know, for $5 a month, that means a lot. And I hope you enjoy, and any, anything that you want me to talk about, please make sure you let me know.

And the ends and automatically sends, uh, to that, that new patron. So think of the value that you feel and the connection that you feel with somebody that they would take the time to do that. And that just blew me away. That’s awesome. So you can obviously use that in any situation. Doesn’t have to be just that, but you know, somebody signs up for your email list, right?

Being able to be notified that, Hey, thanks Amy. We are so glad that you, you know, sign up for our email list. Let us know if you have any questions. You’re going to be getting some great content every single week and let us know if there’s something we can talk about. So I have a great day. That’s phenomenal.

Yeah. I think personalized messages are, we, Brian likes to talk about how are you able to surprise and delight your customer? And I think this is one of those ways is that they’re not expecting you to personalize those things for them. And we even talked about personalizing your email signature with a video so people can actually see your face and who you are.

Um, or not putting it even. Most of your email content is actually in a video or an N, um, an audio way. So, I mean, there’s a lot of things that are coming down and these are, these are kind of. New and experimental and people are playing around with it, but I definitely, you’re going to see this by the end of 2020.

You’re going to see this way more. Yeah, absolutely. Um, and it’s super cool. And you should be doing it first,

just like we talked about with video. I mean, that’s the expectation. There’s an old stat that we had where it was like in 2025, I think it was like. 85% of all content is going to be video. I mean, that’s insane.

It was like 20, 20 to

2022. So three years off, that means it’s only even closer. Um, we’ll figure it, we’ll find that, that stat too, and we’ll make sure to cite our sources on that one. Um, but it is that, I mean, it’s. It’s definitely a big deal to make sure. So that’s going to be an expectation. So you as a business, you need to get out ahead of this so that way you are are, you are prepared for this rather than scrambling when all of a sudden people are saying, Oh yeah, yeah, I mean that your competitor down the road was sending me these personalized videos and that’s why we went with them.

That’s a big deal.

I mean, and that’s kind of like our heart, is that we don’t want you to ever feel like you’re being left behind. And that’s what our whole podcast is about. It’s what our company is about, is making empowering businesses, um, so that you are ahead of your customers, um, in the realms of digital marketing and all the things.

Yeah, absolutely.

So last one we’re going to talk about is a little bit unique and it’s for the businesses that you have maybe a pretty solid foundation and you’re ready to take that really. Extra step. And these are called explainer videos. So tell me a little bit about an explainer video and why it would be a big next step.

So this is the one, I mean, all the things that we’ve talked about are very low. Cost of entry, right? Live videos, you can do that from your phone for free, for Facebook. Um, all of these, even these other videos, I mean, if you have a little, little technical knowhow and you can edit the videos down, um, expert interviews, kinda the same thing.

All of this stuff can be done through live. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Um. And so, but with explainer videos, it takes your business to the next level. So if you have a, a budget to work with and you’re like, we have a problem explaining what we do. Um, they call it the curse of knowledge. It was actually a book out there called the curse of knowledge.

And so it, it talks about that you’re too far into your business to even be able to explain what you do. So, um. Explainer videos, do a great job of that with either a product or service or, or your company itself. And so, most of the time though, I mean, you definitely need to budget $10,000 or so more to get a very, very good explainer video because story is very important.

The animation is very important. The brand colors, everything needs to match what you do. And, uh, so one of our friends over at explain, if I actually . Previous host of the go road podcast. Way back in the day, um, cohost was Eric Henson, and he owns, uh, explain a fi.com you guys should check them out, but they do a phenomenal job of telling a story and really capturing what the customer, that problem that they have and the solution and bringing that authority piece into it.

And so it’s one of those things where it’s like, this is a very important video. Imagine landing on a website and it’s like, what do these people do? Oh, there’s a video click and it’s 90 seconds of them just saying, Hey. This is who we are. You’re this person. You have this problem. This is what we solve.

And I mean, you immediately explained everything in detail right up front. So that way they know whether or not to work with you. And then they can scroll through the page or whatever. But, um, Eric and his team do a phenomenal job, uh, with explainer videos over there. And so that was when we wanted to bring up, it’s kind of like a next step in your business.

So a lot of people try to start with this one without really understanding their own messaging right.

Right. I think there, I mean, I think the thing that I love about explainer videos is the animation keeps you engaged the entire time, and it’s so relevant. And I mean, they are really amazing videos, you know, when they’re done


Absolutely. Yeah. There’s, there’s all kinds of software out there, the super cheap, and you can, you can buy and create your own. Um. I really, truly think though, you need to hire a professional team that knows what they’re doing. They do this stuff every single day around products and services and, and, and branding.

Um, because it is definitely worth it. It’s definitely worth it, so, absolutely. Yeah. All right. Well, Hey, that was, uh, that was good. I felt like, you know, I feel good that about that content. Hopefully you guys feel good about that content. Um. We obviously enjoy, we love video. Video is one of our main pillars.

Um, we do video marketing here at ed, go rogue. And so it’s definitely one of those that I think you guys should, uh, if you have any questions, we’d love to follow up with you, um, answer any questions you have around video marketing, live video, podcasting with video, that type of thing. And so make sure you subscribe to the podcast.

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel as well. Um, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, it’s [email protected]. Go rogue X, and then you can also go to go rogue x.com. I’m just throwing out all the links here. Um, but we’ll have everything in the show notes for you guys there. Um, as well as we’re part of the voice press network.

So there’s awesome podcasts that are all included on there. So make sure you guys go check out voice press.net. Um, our friend Daniel Quinn, friend of the show, he runs that and he’s got a. Phenomenal list of of other podcasts. And so make sure you guys check those out as well. And, uh, I think that’s it. And Lauren.

Yeah, signing off. All right. Hey, we’ll see you guys next week.

Okay. Rapid fire time. Rapid fire. Let’s do this.

Favorite pizza topping.

Oh, my favorite pizza actually is, this is not my gosh.


The cc’s Alfredo cheese. Nasty. So nasty, but it tastes so good. Um, there is that, uh, I would say though, like pepperoni, I’m just kinda playing. I mean, I enjoy some mushrooms. I enjoy it pretty much. And you put anything on a pizza except for sardines, I will probably eat it.

I just love pizza.

I cannot believe they Eastern.

It’s almost as bad as my buttered biscuit it when we, when we had butter biscuit in there, they’re like, what’s the worst food or what? I was like chicken nuggets from McDonald’s for Anna and Sam. They, they probably thought I was just. Oh no, I’m so sorry on if you’re listening to this.

I’m so sorry on it. Uh, yeah, it was so terrible. So I just discussed you, Lauren. Now it’s

just, Oh my goodness. If all of the things

I never eat there, we never eat that. That’s what I think is. It’s like a building up in mind. Well, yeah, I think I built it up in my mind is something just amazing, you know, where it’s like, right.

If I could just have that, like I eat so healthy all the time and really try to, as we’re drinking are like massive.

All right. What’s yours?

So mine would be, well, actually I have a couple, but I mean. I think about when I go to like us pizza and I’m like, I personalize mine. I always get pepperoni. I get a, I’m a roasted garlic and I get sauteed mushrooms.

It sounds delicious.

It is way better than

when I go to cc’s today.

Never asked you this question again.


Alright. You’re ready. I’m ready. Which movie do they need to. Do they? Wow. This is not written correctly. Which movie? It needs a sequel.

Oh, it needs a sequel. Oh, I’m trying to think of every, every movie coming out now has like a

true illness. Right. That’s actually what I was like, when I thought about this question, I was like, there’s not a lot of maybes that


Yeah. I have a sequel. Oh, goodness. You’ve had some time to think about this.

Trying to think through my favorite movies. The matrix matrix is one of my favorite movies. That’s trilogy, um, space jam. But I’m like,

they played around with that

for, I know they’ve talked about it with LeBron. I would be okay with that, I think. I think they could do it in a, in a good way. That wasn’t one of my favorite movies as a kid.

And space jam. Oh, that’s my husband. Yeah. Taylor’s awesome. That’s why we get along. We have a lot of similarities. We don’t ever talk about. comes out. Yeah. I’m going to go with space jam.

I’m still like

you. You prepare these questions.

Mmm. Oh, goodness gracious.

What’s your favorite movie?

Well, we talked about this before when you have to like, what’s your favorite? Honestly, my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. It does not need a sequel.

I don’t have ever seen that just because, well. I have no reason to see that movie. It’s good. I know, but check your heart.

You know what I’m saying? Is the guy, I’m like, I don’t need no scantily clad women dance around. Hey, I try. You

absolutely. Okay. I might pass on this question.

All right. This is the first in the history of the podcast. Where are we? 40 we’re into the forties on our episodes. Episode

three I prepared this question and I thought, Oh God, I have one.

So disappointed. All right. I’m sorry. Make sure that if you are at the end of this podcast and you have a favorite movie that should have a sequel, let us know what it is. So given Lauren some help. Oh gosh. All right. We’re out.


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