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Creating Exceptional, Customized Content for Your Business

When it comes to video marketing for your business, it’s hard to know where to start. You may be restless in the search for that perfect video team and strategy. You may have had negative experiences with marketing teams in the past.

Bottom Line – You don’t have the time or budget to play around.

We get it.

Go Rogue X partners with companies to provide exceptional video services and deliverables. We are not a chop shop. We create customized content to fit your unique brand, strategy, and goals.

Our Core Values

Go Rogue X is committed to providing consistent, quality video content that is engaging and geared toward your audience.

Whether we’re meeting with clients or completing our day-to-day tasks, you’ll notice we rely on our values for everything we do.


We’re empathetic with our clients and our staff. We listen, care, and believe the best in others. We are intentional with our work, but never to the detriment of our team.

Problem Solver

We are problem solvers, not problem creators. Whatever obstacles come our way, we can find a creative solution.


We obsess over our products, staying mindful of the details so we can create efficient and practical systems.


We are masters of our craft, striving to be the future of our industry for both our staff and clients.


We never want to stop learning. We keep learning more every day about both our industry and our clients’ industries as well as how to help our clients grow their businesses.

Our Team

Bryan Fittin

Founder & CEO

Loren Lewis


Jacob Carpenter

Head Audio Engineer & Editor

Lane Saling

Head Video Editor

Abigail Boone

Special Projects Editor | Social Media Specialist

Isaac Orvin

Audio Engineer & Executive Assistant

Morgan Saling

Client Services & Social
Media Manager

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