Social Trends You Need to Know for 2021


In this episode, Bryan and Loren chat about six trends to follow in 2021. From social shopping to podcast advertising and Clubhouse, they keep you up to date with what you need to know about staying relevant this year. You do not want to miss out on this information!


(2:10) What are you obsessed with?

(8:44) Social shopping

(12:34) User-generated content

(17:22) Increase in voice and visual search

(20:34) Podcast advertising

(23:31) Clubhouse

(29:11) Social media policies and posting in crisis


“If you are a brand who specifically sells products, you need to be very, very aware of [visual search engines] and make sure that your images are tagged correctly…This is where the world is moving.” (18:37)

“A lot of people are now beginning to see what people have been saying for a couple of years. Podcasts are a big deal. They’re not going anywhere. There’s more coming out. And that you can actually monetize your podcast.” (20:44)

Social Trends You Need to Know for 2021

Are you worried about keeping up with the trends in the new year? No one wants to be left behind in 2021, and we have got your back! Here are six trends that we think will be important in 2021.

Social Shopping

Social shopping was on the rise in 2020, and we think it will keep its trajectory throughout the upcoming year. With platforms like Instagram allowing you to make purchases directly through the app, companies have a whole new platform to engage with customers. People are more likely to make purchases when you remove unnecessary steps along the way, and the ability to buy products without leaving Instagram is sure to impact your 2021.

User-Generated Content

Here at Go Rogue X, we are always stressing the importance of user-generated content. Not only does it offer a cheaper solution to big-budget ad campaigns, but UGC also brings an opportunity to advertise in ways that appear genuine and appeal to ordinary people. UGC is relatable, and it helps people quench their thirst for human connection in a season of isolation.

Voice and Visual Search

In 2020, we saw the rise of voice search, and we believe that 2021 will continue this trend while including a surge of visual search. Today, if you want to find and buy a specific pair of shoes online, you can take a photo and the pair you are looking for, and Google will send you to all the places you can buy them online.

If you are a brand who specifically sells products, you need to be very, very aware of [visual search engines] and make sure that your images are tagged correctly…This is where the world is moving.” (18:37)

Podcast Advertising

As we preach regularly, podcasting is on the rise! As podcast traffic has grown, businesses have seized the opportunity to advertise through them. Brands like Squarespace, Casper, and have become household names through their advertisements on podcasts. If you are a brand looking for a fresh way to get your name out there, look no further than podcast advertising. To our fellow podcasters, advertising through your show is a great way to monetize and keep your show going!


Until now, we have not seen any of the plethoras of social media platforms provide an effective platform for voice communication. Clubhouse is a social media platform centered around audio and sharing your voice with your friends and colleagues. We always emphasize the importance of jumping in on new trends and platforms, and Clubhouse is no different. It has the potential to provide an excellent space for networking and friendship through audio communication.

Social Media Policies and Posting in Crisis

It is no secret that 2020 was a challenging year for many people. Several tragedies exposed many brands’ lack of policy and plan for their social media accounts during a crisis. In 2021 it is crucial to have a plan and procedures for how your brand will address and respond to events and situations. It is no longer acceptable to remain silent when something goes wrong in the world, and having a plan in place ensures that your brand will not make a mistake in how you address it.